Top 4 Factors to Consider When Choosing Voiceover Companies

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It’s no secret that people don’t trust ads. The fact of the matter is, consumers are bombarded with images and text all day throughout the internet. Anyone would become a little bit cynical after all of that stimulation.

This is why you must invest in voiceover advertising. The human voice immediately puts people at ease and gets them ready to trust and engage. But how do you choose the right voiceover company?

This article will walk you through five factors to consider when choosing voiceover companies.

1. Experience With Voiceover

This one’s a no-brainer. When you’re looking for a voiceover company, you want someone who’s experienced with voice work. Voice recording isn’t as easy as it seems; many new companies might find themselves in hot water if they think they can jump right into the voiceover world.

Make sure you’re working with a company specializing in voiceover for commercials instead of commercials in general. Voiceovers are a particular substratum of the commercial arts, and you’re going to want a company that’s mastered its ins and outs.

2. Price

Comparing voiceover fees is essential. You’re going to want a high-quality voiceover product — you’re also not going to want to break the bank. Make sure you’re not getting ripped off and paying more than you need to; by the same token, don’t go for a low-quality service simply because it’s cheap.

3. Online Customer Reviews

While most people don’t trust ads anymore, they do trust online reviews. Ads come from the company, so they’re clearly going to be biased. However, online reviews are left by consumers just like you.

When looking for an online voiceover company, make sure you check the customer reviews. Your findings might surprise you. Companies with flashy, clean presentations might be plagued by poor customer service, low-quality recordings, and hidden fees.

4. Variety of Voices

While it’s best to leave the voiceover itself up to the professionals, you’re going to want to have at least a little bit of customization. This is why it’s crucial to pick a voiceover company that provides a panoply of options for different types of voices.

A good voiceover company will have voices that are gruff, soft, buttery, smooth, velvety, forceful, playful, fun, galvanizing, cool, and countless other characteristics.

Find a voiceover company that works with your marketing strategy and doesn’t force you to play by their rules.

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Choosing Voiceover Companies

Choosing voiceover companies isn’t easy, but it is important. People don’t trust ads anymore, but they do trust the human voice. Make sure your potential clients understand that you care by using these best practices when it’s time to choose a voiceover company.

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Top 4 Factors to Consider When Choosing Voiceover Companies

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