Top 3 Tools to Embed Facebook Feed on Website

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Facebook has held its position as social media king for a long time because of its rich and dynamic content. How about bringing the same vibe to your website? Seems worthy? Yes, it is, and it provides great results as well. All you need to do is embed a Facebook feed on your website. 

Embedding a Facebook feed is an amazing strategy that has provided great results to businesses at minimum cost. Hence, it is currently a trending and most-used strategy for businesses as it amplifies sales and increases brand recognition. This blog provides you with the list of the top 3 tools that make your task to embed Facebook feed easy and efficient.

Before getting to the core of the topic, let us begin with the basics and briefly understand the Facebook feed. 

What is Facebook Feed?

Whenever you log in to your Facebook account, the first thing on your screen is a Facebook feed. It contains all the content and posts from your social connection. On further exploring the website, you will be able to view content from other profiles as well.

Facebook can be categorized in different ways, as hashtag feeds, mention feeds, etc. Each feed shows the collection of the posts. Moreover, you can embed each type of feed on your website and increase engagement on it.

To ease the task of embedding Facebook feeds on the website, you can use the following tools; they are currently the best tools available in the market that enhance the beauty of your website and assist in the growth of your business. 

Top 3 Tools to Embed Facebook Feed on Website:

1. Tagembed Widget

Tagembed widget is currently the best aggregator tool in the market. It can gather the feed from 15+ social media platforms and present it in a unified presentation. It also provides a dedicated Facebook widget that helps you gather the content from Facebook and display it beautifully on your website. The widget gathers the feed using mentions, Facebook page URL, etc. Hence you can keep the feed related to your business only.

Moderation is an important part of displaying the feed, as Facebook is an open platform that allows users to express themselves using their preferred medium. Unfortunately, often, people misuse this freedom and post inappropriate and abusive content. With the help of the moderation feature, you can filter out all unwanted content and keep the feed related to your business only. Moreover, you can even block contents containing the mentioned keywords or hide contents from a particular account with a profanity filter. These features are beneficial to you as it maintains the quality of your website and enhances visitors’ browsing experience.

Another amazing feature that Tagembed offers is the option to customize your feed. However, Facebook provides variation in the content that makes the website appealing. Sometimes, text style or color schemes don’t match your website, making the website a little disorderly. Hence, by personalizing the feed, you can change the color, font size, font style, etc., and match it with your website’s style. It increases the grace of your website and makes it more appealing to visitors. 

Also, Tagembed is cost-effective, which means you can save a lot of money and generate revenue at the same time. Adding to it, the tool saves your time as well; imagine the time and effort it takes to explore Facebook in search of relevant content for your website and then embed them accordingly. And this is where the Facebook widget saves your efforts as it automatically gathers content and displays it on your website. With many more features and budget-friendly prices, Tagembed’s Facebook widget is the ideal tool for embedding Facebook feeds on your website.

2. SociableKIT

When you search for a product, what is the first thing that you look for? Reviews, right? And that is consumer behavior; he always looks for reviews and social proof and tries to find every available detail about the product before purchasing it. With the help of SociableKIT, you can easily win your potential customer’s trust. The tool helps you gather reviews, public opinions, social proofs, testimonials, etc., about your product and brand. In addition, the tool allows you to curate and customize the feed before displaying it on your website. 

With some huge brands under their portfolio, SociableKIT stands out as one of the most useful tools in the market. You can use the tool to display your Facebook page’s post on your website to keep your visitors aware of the latest developments of your brand and provide them with a sneak into your  Facebook existence. 

The feeds are responsive and work with desktop and mobile; therefore, you don’t have to worry about changing the display settings of the feed according to the screen time. So it doesn’t matter what screen your visitor is using; the charm of your feed remains the same.

Social media is a number game; the number of likes, comments, and followers often determine the reputation of the product and brand. SociableKIT’s Facebook widget allows you to show likes and comments on your posts, so the visitor gets a clear picture of how people have received your product or post. Also, if the visitor likes your content, he can even follow you on Facebook, which eventually helps you strengthen your Facebook presence.

3. Snapwidget

Snapwidget is one of the most popular social media aggregator tools. It offers a dedicated Facebook feed that provides a scrollable Facebook feed to your visitors. The tool is compatible with any media and can stream images, videos and display texts without any hassle.

Snapwidget offers various feed types like Facebook feed, Facebook grid, Facebook slideshow, Facebook scrolling, Facebook board, and Facebook banner, which enhances the beauty of your website and makes it more engaging for the visitor.  

Various business houses trust this widget and have provided great feedback about the tool. The tool is a great addition to your website and can do wonders for your business.


Undoubtedly, Facebook is an impactful social media website and provides great aid to businesses. Facebook often provides various campaigns and strategies to boost the business, for example, Facebook Ads, which is a great way to increase the reach of the business. But unfortunately, it is a little expensive. In this where Facebook widgets jump in, these tools are effective, efficient, and most importantly – they are cost-effective. 

Top 3 Tools to Embed Facebook Feed on Website

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