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Top 3 SEO Hacks for eCommerce Businesses

When it comes to optimizing big e-commerce websites, the strategies for SEO needs to be improvised a bit in order to get the online storefront easily accessed by the target audience. Search engine optimization has turned out to be a massive requisite for the success of e-commerce websites. By improving the website’s authority to increase the brand awareness of the popular products, some SEO hacks must be followed properly for the ultimate success.

E-commerce websites need to customize their ongoing SEO campaign in such a manner that their existing products gain more user engagement and the expired products get filtered out without any hassle. All of this is possible when you follow these effective SEO tactics:

Switch to HTTPS

Needless to say, switching to HTTPS is a common aspect of search engine optimization and every business website regardless of the industry falls under this general obligation. But for e-commerce websites, in particular, where you will definitely need users’ details for processing the transaction after they make a buying decision, security with HTTPS is of utmost importance. After all, payment methods are very sensitive and no user would like to get it compromised by any means.

Speaking of security and safety of your e-commerce website portal, make sure that you have properly implemented the SSL certificate on your site, showcasing your site’s authenticity in front of the users. If you are unable to complete the method, opt for the services of a professional SEO firm such as Tayloright.

Improve the Efficiency of Category Pages

Assuming that you have switched to HTTPS and ensured the security of information available on your site, it is time to optimize the category pages. The category pages of large e-commerce sites offer the perfect opportunity for placing high-quality keywords and generate a huge volume of website traffic. However, all your efforts can go in vain if you fail to do justice to the content on the particular page that describes a specific category. Make sure you have high-quality content ready for your category pages that are crafted especially for your link-building campaign, which will open a gateway to your site’s products.

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Optimize Product Pages

Perhaps the most important part of optimizing your e-commerce website is making your product pages effective; as it helps you stand out from your peers in the field. Write unique product descriptions and include user-generated content on the product pages to earn consumers’ trust. You should use keywords and eye-catching phrases such as “free delivery”, “exclusive sale” etc. in the Meta descriptions for better CTR.

Make sure that whatever content you place on your site, it is enticing and informative so that the buyer feels motivated to purchase them. The content on your product pages should match with the theme and tone of your brand as well, in order to maintain the relevance all over your website.


Optimizing an e-commerce site for the search engines is all about thinking from the user’s point of view. Follow the aforementioned steps and make your e-commerce business website highly visible on the search engine and boost your traffic and sales.

Author Bio – Maria Jones is an entrepreneur who runs her own e-commerce business and sells a wide range of products online. The SEO responsibilities of her website are being handled by Tayloright.

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