Top 3 CRM Softwares for Handling Customer Experience Compared
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Top 3 CRM Softwares for Handling Customer Experience Compared

This is a guest post written by Skubana. Skubana is an all-in-one inventory management solution for omnichannel merchants that manages real-time inventory, order management, and order fulfillment and offers real-time analytics on a sku by sku level.

There are hundreds of (Contact Relationship Management) CRMs available today. Some specialize in contact management, others in client relationships, others in leads and sales tracking, and a few tools combining all of the above features.

Again, there are CRM tools that can be run from your servers. Others are available on Cloud extending access to desktops, tablets, and smartphones. Most cloud-based CRMs arrive with optional modules and plans, and features that you might choose based on your discretion. They also integrate with a lot of third-party tools and apps.

A CRM makes running your business— whether big or small— easy.

What’s best for you depends on your unique needs as an organization and the budget that you might be able to dedicate towards this end.

Keeping track of customer interactions is the key to improvement. Such monitoring is essential to understand customer interactions, learn from feedback, and progress towards a better working culture.

The market is filled with many CRM tools, and you may find it hard to find one that suits your needs.

Don’t worry. We’ve sorted the three best ones for you.

Zoho CRM

Unlike other CRMs that often offer SaaS and on-site installation, Zoho comes purely as a cloud-based CRM. The CRM also doubles up as a tool that manages and keeps track of customer interactions and is also ideal for marketing automation, support, and configuration, integrating a reporting center that pulls data from every customer interaction and displays in-depth analytics.

Zoho isn’t just one of the best available CRMs today, owing to its feature set. It also excels in another area—customer service. The CRM offers multiple points of contact to customers, which makes problem resolution a breeze. Live chat, phone, email, and social media, to name a few, are some of the listed support channels. In addition, Zoho integrates gamification modules into its CRM, allowing businesses to gamify business goals and reward employees for achieving goals suitably. The CRM also extends to a full-fledged mobile access edition.

It goes well out of its boundaries as a CRM and forms a well-encompassing enviable feature set.

The CRM can hold many third-party integrations, including but not limited to Google Docs, Office, and Share Point. Add-on applications are another specialty.

Zoho’s subscription pricing starts at a nominal $12 per user per month.

While the pricing is affordable for small teams, it can quickly balloon for larger teams.

NutShell CRM

Nutshell CRM does most of the heavy lifting for you that provides an excellent customer experience as simple as possible. The tool automatically pulls contact info and keeps profiles up-to-date. All conversations are pulled and categorized depending on which ones need your attention most.

The interface is robust and displays all relevant information about a contact. The stages of leads are methodically organized into a board, and you can see the live progress as a lead cycle through various parts of the customer journey. The CRM thus helps with the sales process too.

You’ll automatically know the best time to contact your leads with geotagging.

In short, the CRM helps keep track of all contacts and conversations and easily import contacts from several sources.

As a cloud-based application, you can access it online 365 days a year and 24 hours a day. The access additionally extends to mobile devices.

The CRM allows the transfer of contact details, customer conversation history and history of customer touchpoints, and profile information among various teams and applications within the CRM.

Ultimately, coming to integrations, the solution also integrates with various leading apps. For example, the solution integrates with Gmail, Office, Outlook MailChimp, Trello, Zapier, and many such tools.


On SugarCRM, customer support and marketing are integrated to provide a one-stop-access for all business needs.

Here’s a list of features that the CRM hosts:

    • Automated sales management and lead management
    • Customer support automation
    • Call-center automation
    • In-depth reporting available.
    • Mobile apps are available.
    • Either cloud as a SAAs or installable software
    • 15GB storage
    • Unlimited Studio customizations
    • 24*7 customer support
    • MySQL server support

Being developed on an open-source platform, the software is highly customizable. In addition, the open-source platform allows the CRM to easily integrate with a large number of third-party solutions accommodating new modules as you go.

Again, OS compatibility extends to Linux, Microsoft, and Macintosh OS.

Another fact that goes in its favor is SugarCRM is available either as SaaS (on Cloud) or as an on-site installation.

Despite all the features, the pricing is nominal and starts at $40 per user per month.

Software Advice has given it 186 reviews and four stars. G2crowd, too, has rated it four stars.

Concluding thoughts

We’ve looked at the different CRM softwares available today.

The three of them that we listed today are some of the best tools available for handling customer experience and providing them with prompt responses, which is one of the foremost things in CRM.

Keeping customers happy helps contribute to the long-term running of the company, helps increase the bottom line, and reduces time devoted to problems arising from poor communication.

Top 3 CRM Software For Handling Customer Experience Compared

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