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With the pandemic and lockdown kicking in, more and more people now seek additional sources of income. One of the best jobs that one can easily commence from home is review writing. People can get paid for writing reviews on various websites. Even when you are not a very great writer, you can still excel in this work. Becoming a product reviewer is a prospect that is nowadays attracting many individuals. You can take surveys, watch videos and shop online and get remuneration against it. It is possible to review the cms development company websites as well. Here we have listed down the names of websites that pay well for review writing.

Here are Top Sites that Pay You to Write Sites 

The most valuable thing for companies and brands is reviews. As these businesses realize the importance of reviews, they happily pay writers for writing engaging reviews. So get paid for writing reviews with the following websites:

  • Swagbucks – If you want to get paid for writing reviews, then the Swagbucks website is a reputable name. At this moment, writing a review, you can even receive gift cards from them. There are options to earn points by watching videos, shopping for products via Swagbucks, answering surveys, and many more. Redeeming the points for gift cards is possible, after which you can purchase products from a myriad of retailers. For example, when you earn 2500 points, you can earn a $5 bonus. The options for transferring the points into money on a PayPal account is also a hassle-free process. If you desire, you can even opt for a Visa reward card.
  • ReviewStream – Looking for the best review websites for money? Well, ReviewStream is a highly entertaining website where you can write reviews on almost any product. As a user votes for the content provided by you and finds your review useful, you will be earning a cash bonus. You can receive the payment in the PayPal account.
  • Gen Video – When it comes to Gen Video, earning cash for writers’ reviews becomes too exciting. Here the website focuses on the creation of video reviews for various products. A huge number of people nowadays are interested in these video reviews. Gen Video enables you to create YouTube videos for advertising various products. Thus, earning revenues from the established review is possible. In addition, a few of your videos might be posted on Amazon pages to help you earn more money.
  • Slice the Pie – If you wonder how to get paid for reviews, you can check out Slice the pie website. Originally this website paid people for listening to songs, but now you can write as many reviews as you want on clothing for earning money. Your reviews must be unbiased, and that will help record labels, bands, and artists make several decisions for enhancing present works and construct better ones in the near times. The product or track you will be reviewing, the quality, and the review’s length will determine the amount you will be earning per review. It is a website that will pay you through PayPal. The amount that you will need for withdrawing the earnings is $10.
  • User Testing – User Testing is a website that will help you earn money by testing applications and websites. You only need to visit the app or website and complete a few tasks, along with speaking out your thoughts. Per test, you can draw $60. Also, you can attain $10 for every video of 20 minutes. Receive the payment in your PayPal account and enjoy.
  • Crowdtap – Do you want to write reviews for money? Then you can try out Crowdtap, a crowdsourcing site that offers you the opportunity to connect with some of your most preferred brands, following which you will be paid. After signing up, fill out the profile to match with companies that wish to associate with you. The website contains numerous tasks that you can participate in. Some brands will present questions or offer you a few fun activities to join for earning points. Also, there is a myriad of product review prospects that you can be a part of. It is possible to receive gift cards against the points you can use to shop from Amazon, Walmart, etc.
  • Cooperatize – Cooperatize is one such amazing website that is apt for you if you are a blogger. In this platform, there are sponsored content prospects available from various brands. It is even possible to receive exclusive invites to media trips and events. You can be an influencer over hereafter applying for it. Put forward details regarding your blog, such as social media channels and readership, after which you can utilize sponsored content for starting to earn. A whopping reward of $160 to $900 waits for you to earn by writing sponsored posts. So, it would be apt to say that the quest for your review websites for money may end with this.
  • Mindswarms – You can get paid to review with Mindswarms, but there is a twist involved. Here you won’t necessarily receive payment for writing reviews, but the site will pay you when you speak about the product reviews with your Smartphone. To be precise, you will be using the video feature for recording yourself in video surveys and not with a written one. It would help if you answered some questions regarding a topic for getting paid. The site also sometimes provides opportunities for carrying out product reviews on the camera instead of only answering survey questions. From the site, you can draw $50 for every review that you finish and receive approval.
  • BookLook Bloggers – If you are a book lover, you can create your account in BookLook Bloggers. It is a platform that provides you with free books. All that is required from you is offering a review. After you are done registering on the website, you can pick a title from the website’s list of accessible books. Following this, you will be receiving a copy absolutely for free. You can write reviews for money by reviewing free books on this website. But to earn money from this site, you must have a blog.
  • FameBit – Reviewing products in a myriad of ways is possible with the website called FameBit. There are pictorial or public videos available that you can review after signing up for your account. Such reviews can be sent to several parties who are eagerly seeking to publish works. FameBit emphasizes contracts with all content publishers. It is possible to earn several dollars over here, but your work must receive approval every time. So start getting paid to write reviews with this site.
  • BlogExpose – When you are eager to start a blog or have one, BlogExpose is the correct platform. Here you can get paid for writing reviews. You can write funded blog posts for numerous brands. After completing your profile, you will provide details regarding yourself and the entire writing experience. The website will also demand links to your previous three reviews. After you are done with these steps, you can surf various jobs and pick what you wish to apply for. When you bag the job, the site will publish your blog post that fulfills the criteria of the particular brand.
  • InstaGC – Unsure about how to get paid for reviews? Open the website InstaGC, and you can get started. Here you complete surveys for earning points. Redeem those points for money that you can withdraw by using various payment methods. When you write reviews for money, you can withdraw money through PayPal. There are direct debit options as well. There is a myriad of options for redeeming gift cards like Walmart, Amazon, etc. Just offer your honest opinion, and you can earn hundreds of dollars. The best part about this website is that you do not have to be a blogger, there is no requirement for a YouTube channel, and neither have you needed many social media followers. Everyone can join and earn cash by reviewing the services and products of brands.
  • PinchMe – Checking out PinchMe is highly recommended for you if you are fond of free sample boxes and free shipping! First, create the member profile after signing up, where you will have to answer a few questions regarding your shopping habits and household. PinchMe will then learn details about you and your preferences. Then you will receive samples that apply to you. Choose the samples that you wish to try, and you are good to go.

Here are a few more sites that pay you to write reviews.

  1. Story Cartel
  2. Modern Mom
  3. MyPoints
  4. Testzon
  5. Opinion Outpost
  6. Blogsvertise

Final Say

The number of ways to earn a good amount of money without any normal desk job is varied. All you need is a laptop, a sound Internet connection, and a strong will. Simply by sharing your perspectives about various products, you can get paid for writing reviews. Try out the websites mentioned above for managing your finances perfectly. If you want to offer others a chance of earning through reviews, you can create one website with the help of a cms development company—all the best for all your endeavors.

Top 20 Sites that Pay You to Write Reviews

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