Top 12 Affiliate marketing Strategies
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Top 12 Affiliate Marketing Strategies

Affiliate marketing strategies that help to generate over $1 Million

In the past several years, the scope of affiliate marketing has increased significantly. As a result, many individuals have turned their ways from other careers and shifted to affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing offers you many advantages like low budget, low effort and time, lower risk than any other business, and high return on investment. 

But, all these advantages come with some difficulties. Continuously increasing competition in the market, google’s new algorithms related to content and promotion activities, the confusion of finding the right affiliate program, and much more; surviving all these things and maintaining growth for a long time has become complicated.

Despite this, many affiliate marketers stay a step ahead of others and continue to earn millions. This is because they follow some specific strategies that others do not. So, what are these strategies?

1. Creating better content than competitors:

Many new affiliate marketers face the problem of having mediocre marketing and writing skills. On the other hand, Well established marketers are so agile and skilled with writing and promoting their content. They have spent years understanding the right tactics that work in the market. With having such a high standard of content and marketing techniques, success becomes simple.

My Advice for that is new affiliates should start spending time on their content writing skills by joining some courses or attending webinars by experts. Increase the readability of their article by stepping into the reader’s shoes, understand the topics that are currently trending in the market, include visuals to their content to make it more attractive and engaging. Having a thin article would not help them; using at least 1,500 characters is a must. But don’t depend on making a long article without adding value to it. Readers will skip the article if it’s not keeping them excited about what will come next?

Talking about promotion, Once a high-standard article is created, sharing it on different platforms is the next important step. Promote it on social media – find the relevant groups, Use your email subscribers, Run ads to drive traffic, apply every possible white hat technique in the industry, and see the magic!

2. Using multiple traffic sources:

Another mistake new affiliates make is that they think focusing on a single traffic source would help them because having different platforms diversifies the focus. That’s true to an accent, but not completely. Having the business’s presence on all platforms is required to be successful; divide your time and efforts calculating the scope and effectiveness of a particular platform. Use different strategies to find the audience and provide them quality content everywhere. Synchronize everything, provide links to every platform on the website. 

Some of the best marketing platforms are Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, etc. 

If you don’t believe me, think of your favorite multinational business and search about it on different platforms. You will find the presence of that business everywhere. So give it a try, and you will get the result for sure.

3. Do NOT focus on Keyword targeting:

Google gives importance to those who solve the readers’ queries, not those who use the same trending keyword repeatedly. Another disadvantage is that you will not beat the lion in its den. There are thousands of successful marketers and website owners on google who are using these trending keywords for a long time, and they have made their place on the SERP page; you are not going to beat them using the same strategy. You have to provide something more valuable, more attractive, and more answering. 

Understand the search intent of the readers and find out trending topics, use Google Trends and Google Analytics. Use long-tail keywords, which readers use a lot in their queries. For example, do not focus on ranking on “best gym equipment”; focus on ranking other 10 long-tail keywords. By doing this, you will get confidence, and users will mark your presence.

4. Do not step on two boats at a time:

I am not talking about marketing platforms; I am talking about niches. Many new affiliate marketers find their friends and favorite influencers successful in different niches and try to do the same and fall on their faces. Do not dive into every successful niche in the market. Instead, analyze the competition, ROI and then choose ONE best suited for you. You know that stepping on two boats at a time would drown you, but you still do that and step into multiple boats. The result would be no different.

Go broader and more profound in that niche. Once you are successful and confident enough, try to find sub-niches and by-niches. For example, If you become successful in Workout tutorials, diversify your niche within the “Health and Fitness” category. Make content on supplements and gym equipment.

5. Providing something helpful to the audience:

Successful marketers become successful because they provide something different to the audience,  add some value to their content. Do not start selling at the beginning. Own an audience first, build their trust by helping them out. How would you help them? Of course, by solving their queries and providing your best knowledge in a particular field. 

Many new affiliate marketers join an affiliate program and start promoting their links on the first day itself. But they cannot survive for a long time in the market because they have not created their brand. How can a customer trust a marketer he doesn’t know about?

6. Do not rely on a single strategy:

It is not assured that your marketing strategy will work every time in this dynamic environment. Google updates its algorithms frequently; competition is rising day by day, there are chances that the affiliate program you work with shuts down. Not making negative statements here, just stating the possibilities. Also, make a way to earn recurring revenue. Then, if your strategy fails, you will have another way of earning money which will be constant. 

This will benefit you in different ways; once you are assured that your income is constant, you can focus on more important things and work efficiently.

7. Making a mobile-friendly website:

Making your website mobile-friendly is a must when a massive part of your visitors come using smartphones. Google also prefers mobile-friendly websites to rank rather than the one which is not accessible by mobile. Moreover, a massive part of online buyers uses their smartphones to purchase different products and services. 

I am not exaggerating here; you will be left out if your website doesn’t work on smartphones.

8. Low commission products build a foundation:

Promoting low commission products builds the foundation of your business, but they cannot give you desired success. You will need to promote the products that give you a high commission. Start from $2 or $3 commission but do not dwell on that. Build your foundation upon it, and then go with $100 or $200. 

Take it like this; If you generate a $1k commission per month, you have to think about How to make it $10k? Or How to make it $100k?You have to increase your traffic or your commission rates. If possible, do both.

9. Joining a PPC program:

You earn a commission by making sales, but all those visitors you are transferring through your affiliate links would generate nothing if they aren’t making any conversions. By joining a PPC-based earning program, you can make your every promotional effort count. 

If you do not want to join multiple affiliate programs to earn PPC commission, I have a recommendation for you. AccuWeb Hosting’s Affiliate Program provides your commission on PPS and PPC bases. You can earn a $20 to $200 commission for each signup, and along with that, you can earn a commission by transferring visitors to their website. Thus, you can stick to a single affiliate program to earn you both commissions.

To get a high amount of clicks, you have to make your links and Affiliate Banners as attractive as possible and place them on the upper part of your website. Place the links and banners to the header or upper area in the sidebar. The higher the banner is placed, the bigger the number of clicks will happen.

10. Demonstrate with videos:

72% of successful marketers say that videos help increase sales. This is because the general population spends a lot of time watching video content online. As a result, video marketing is more trending and popular way to promote affiliate links. 

Do not just rely on YouTube and Facebook videos. There are many other video marketing platforms online which are popular amongst people. Many affiliate marketers ignore such platforms; thus, the competition on these platforms is significantly less.

Build your audience on these platforms and provide your affiliate links in the description. To get more ideas about video marketing, read this article by Neil Patel.

11. Keep an eye on your Stats:

Many affiliate marketers forget this step. Watching the analytics show you the correct picture of your campaigns. It shows you the trends in the market, displays which campaigns are generating the most income, and many other essential things. 

Taking the future decisions understanding the stats will save you a lot of money in the long term. If you are not spending money keeping the analytics in your mind, you are wasting your significant investments on the areas generating less income. 

Why does a lot of traffic come from this campaign? Is the landing page better than others? Or the tagline or title of this campaign is more attractive? This information will give you an idea about how to run your future campaigns.

12. Re-marketing:

This is an important step. Many new affiliates can generate traffic, but they cannot compete with successful marketers. Why? Newbies do not understand the importance of re-marketing. People never purchase anything just looking at it for the first time. They make comparisons. And they want a trust factor to buy something from you. Try to get repeated visitors to your website or videos. When people visit you multiple times, they will trust you more, and there are high chances that they will purchase something from you. Running remarketing ads is a way to get repeated visitors. Make your ads as attractive as possible.


I hope you have found my article interesting and got some new ideas about promoting affiliate links. Another thing I want to tell you is that you will never find out that a particular strategy is effective or suited for you or not. You have to implement it yourself. Try different things and learn from the experience. You will be far ahead of others that are following the same techniques.

Top 12 Affiliate Marketing Strategies

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