Top 10 Tips to Optimize Instagram for eCommerce

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Instagram is arguably one of the quickest growing social media channels, as it has grown to over 800 million active users. This means that your audience is likely to be on there in some form.

In this article, we will give you our top 10 tips on how to optimize your Instagram page for e-commerce:

  1. Get Your Description Right

One of your audience’s first things will see if your bio section, so getting this right is crucial for getting and keeping their attention.

“Based on your description, your visitors will decide whether to browse your feed and subscribe to your channel,” says Julie Brandon, an Insta writer at and “Try to keep it concise and snappy, as you are limited to 150 characters to explain what you do.”

Remember to include your website link so that visitors can click to find out more. Ideally, you will use this to direct them to a landing page or specific products.

  1. Use Branded Hashtags

Successful Instagram users utilize hashtags to make sure their posts get seen by their target audience. You can create and share a brand hashtag and even add it to your bio for visitors to learn. It can be a fantastic way to invite people to get involved in your community.

  1. Get Organized

People are very sensory-based, so seeing beautiful Instagram pictures matter. Pay real attention to your feed and how all the posts will look together; if you can incorporate your brand colors into the photos, even better!

The best tips for this point are choosing a strategy, maintaining a consistent color palette, and keeping the feed clean and minimalist.

  1. Utilize Shopping Tags

If you aim to sell more products on Instagram, then using shoppable tags is a must. This allows you to tag up to five products with their prices within one post so that your followers don’t even have to leave Instagram to buy from you.

When you use these, the visitors will see a small shopping bag item, which tells them that they can view product details and go straight through to your product page.

  1. Tell Followers About Your Products

To optimize your Instagram business page, you should keep your posts short, concise, and engaging. This will help your followers get a glimpse of what they will be getting if they buy from you.

Primarily, Instagram is a visual platform, but you need to incorporate text to talk to your customers and let them know everything that your photos cannot say. This will also help your posts to show up in searches.

  1. Post Stories

Out of all Instagram users, over 300 million of them are active on Stories every day, and this number is ever increasing. People love content that disappears, as it triggers their fear of missing out. Research shows that people are more likely to watch stories than look at regular posts.

For your brand, this provides a fantastic opportunity to share authentic, genuine content without over-posting. Stories also feature in a separate feed that makes it easier for your audience to get involved with your content.

“To optimize your Instagram page, take a moment to write a clear strategy on what you are sharing,” suggests Andrew Lipman, a business blogger at and “Share some behind-the-scenes moments, photos of your products, and teasers about new items to get their interest up. Posting regularly and authentically helps your business to stand out.”

If your account has more than ten thousand followers, you can incorporate links into your Stories, which means that you can give your audience quick access to the product pages to buy.

  1. Show Up in a Life

You are an expert in your field, so people must see your face and hear the knowledge that you are sharing. To sell your product, you need to convince your potential customers to trust you. This is why going live is such an essential factor, as hearing your voice helps to build a level of trust.

Choosing to use live streams will help you to humanize your company and magnetize your customers to you.

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Top 10 Tips to Optimize Instagram for eCommerce

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