Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Outsource Content Writing to an Agency

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Content writing is not a new phenomenon, but hiring an outside agency to do the job is kind. As the importance of digital marketing increased, companies started realizing the importance of content writing. 

They started investing more resources, which naturally led to an increase in competition. So then, the next logical step was to be better than the competition.

So, content writing agencies were formed to fill the demand. Currently, most serious companies have an agency on retainer. If you want to know why you should outsource content writing to an agency, the practical answer is obvious – your competitor does it. Therefore, it would be best if you were better. 

A professional agency, like Content Jar, will help you beat your competitors. Here are 10 other reasons why you should outsource content writing.

1. A Content Writing Agency Provides Writing Expertise

The principles of good content writing are no mystery – you want engaging and informative content that hits the right note with your customers while increasing your visibility and improving your Google (or any other search engine) results. Now, the difficult part is how you go about achieving this.

Writing good content requires experience, expertise, and finesse. While it is possible to form an in-house writing team that can do an adequate job, it’s not easy. It takes a lot of time and money, which may be resources you don’t have.

That is why you outsource content writing to an agency. This is the area they specialize in, so you get the skills you need with minimal investment.

2. You Have More Free Time

To build on the previous point, you can form an in-house writing team. But I don’t think it’s as easy as designating two or three employees with some writing skills to be actual writers. The quality of content will be lacking. When your competition has professional writers on their side, your content won’t cut.

You will need to invest serious energy to get your team up and running. Then, of course, the whole process needs to be managed. When you outsource content writing to an agency, you order what you need, and you’re done. This frees you up to focus on running your actual business.

3. You Get Access to Specialized Tools

Another benefit of hiring a content writing agency is that you instantly access all of the tools they use. Content writing is not as simple as writing a good text. Many tools are used to find the right keywords and their placement and improve the overall quality. A writing agency already has the tools, and so do you by proxy.

4. More and Quicker Content

Digital marketing is in large part about timing. Professional writing agencies can produce more content and do it faster than you could. Even if you manage to write one text that hits all the right notes, it won’t do you much good if your competitors have already attracted your target audience with the diversity of their content. It would be best if you kept up, and it’s hard to do alone.

5. Content Writing Requires Finesse

While content writing is a general term, it’s nowhere near descriptive enough of what the job entails. Good writing requires finesse and experience. Is it a blog post or product page? What message about your company do you want to convey? Who is the target audience? Professional writers consider all of these things and more when producing content, which is why you contract them.

Better Conversion Rates

6. Better Conversion Rates

This point is tightly related to the last. Your goal is to increase traffic and improve your conversion rates. Yes, you want increased traffic, but you also want it to mean something. Good writers know how to write for the audience they are targeting instead of generalizing. A content writing agency will improve customer interaction instead of just getting more eyes on the products.

7. Outsourcing Content Writing Is Cheaper

Money is, naturally, a sticking point in any business. When your budget is tight, it’s hard to invest in an outside agency. However, it’s a fiscally wise choice. When you don’t have content to back up your products, you make less profit. So, you need content.

But getting quality content requires you to have at least one full-time writer on your staff. And that’s a large financial investment (and takes time). When you outsource content writing, you order what you need, and you’re done. There are no overhead, training, equipment costs, IT support, etc. Getting outside professionals to do it for you is the more cost-effective method.

8. They Know Their Audience

A large part of content writing is knowing who you are writing for instead of just being an expert in the topic you are writing about. When you try to do it yourself, it’s easy to get caught up in industry jargon and professional phrasing. Instead, good writers will tailor their content to the customers you are trying to attract, expanding your reach.

Writer Flexibility

9. Writer Flexibility

A significant benefit of hiring a content writing agency is that they have multiple writers on staff. This will allow you to cover various topics and fill different niches. Diversifying your content is the best way to get to the top and stay there. And it would be best if you did it, which an agency provides.

10. More Eyes on the Product

Finally, when you outsource content writing to an agency, you don’t just get one writer. You also get other people who check and double-check the content and give input and constructive criticism. Nobody is perfect, and everyone makes mistakes, so when you have a team of people supporting each other, the end product is always better.

The Bottom Line

Yes, outsourcing content writing to an agency is an investment. But the bottom line is that it improves your ratings and traffic, gives you better content, and saves you money in the long run.

Most of your competitors have a writing agency on retainer, and you need to match and outstrip them. And you can’t do it alone.

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Outsource Content Writing to an Agency

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