Top 10 Reasons to Use React Native for Cross Platform App Development

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Top 10 Reasons to Use React Native for Cross Platform App Development

Native app’s superior performance, fantastic appeal, and powerful platform-specific features lead the app development market. However, the rise of cross-platform app development tools has left business owners, and managers torn across a decision to publish the products on several platforms simultaneously or follow the step-by-step approach. Famous companies, including Tesla and Facebook, have chosen React Native, app development for developing hybrid mobile apps using JavaScript.

Top ten reasons to use react native for cross-platform app development

Allow the third-party plugins

The majority of frameworks do not permit third-party plugins because of security reasons. But that’s not the case with react native the framework allows the programmers to include external plugins, and the customization options are completely flexible. In addition, the plugins provide a practical user interface with the flexibility to change the templates and themes.


react the native is cost-effective because it has a shared codebase, so programmers do not have to modify the code for all the platforms. 80% of the code is reusable, and every platform has its unique User interface. Hence in case of important updates, two issues can be resolved at once by fixing any duplications in the shared source.

Hot reload

One of the unique features of reacting native is hot reload. The developer needs to update the app while it is still in the planning stage. Reloading the application as the code changes naturally reduces the development time. Furthermore, it facilitates real-time monitoring of any updates made by the developer. It also helps in retrieving real-time data for the application users.

Perfect for prototypes

The react native app is perfect for prototyping as it uses a single code base that can be used across various platforms. App developers can now distribute the apps on both platforms safely and quickly.

Pre-built elements

The pre-built components of react native might make it possible for mobile development to proceed quickly. Additionally, a developer has already created the code for some features that need to be included in the app.

Rapid development

Undoubtedly cross-platform applications can be created more quickly as compared to native ones. Considering this element, you might copy applications using the same codebase, and a lot of work is immediately reduced. At least 99% of the code in the applications for Android and iOS can be shared, which comes as a blessing for all the new businesses. It allows the companies providing react native development services to complete the development.

Better reach

Mobile applications are now a guarantee for enhancing sales for any organization. React native platform for cross-platform app development has been and continues to benefit business owners of all sizes. As Android and iOS users can download these applications, the apps allow you to reach a huge target audience. React native today can tackle any problem irrespective of how simple or complicated the application is.

Moving forward with one team

Businesses that look forward to cross-platform application development services but wish to stick to their teams will only require one group of developers proficient in specific technologies. As a result, you can decrease the likelihood of any confusion. The result is the creation of a cross-platform application that works on several systems.

Huge community

React native is an open-source platform, so anybody can access the documentation available online without any cost. Furthermore, the specialists are readily available to help if anybody needs assistance reacting to native development issues. Developers can also share their experience and compile portfolios for the work to learn and write better code. 

MIT certified to ensure code safety

Your app is completely secure and safe as react native is licensed under the MIT license. Furthermore, you can modify the react native code without violating copyright. The platform also allows you to create an app with easy-to-use language. In short, it implies that anybody familiar with JavaScript will find it simple to code the app. The availability of numerous third-party libraries for react native makes it very easy to develop your app. To select a library that aligns with your needs, you can easily look for collections. You can also filter them.

In short, react native is one of the strongest platforms with cutting-edge capabilities, making it a favorable option used by most mobile app development service providers. Moreover, it meets all of the needs of the companies, whether related to time savings, cost savings, or even code security. Hence react native should be your top pick if you are looking forward to creating a mobile app for any company.