Top 10 Multi-Vendor Marketplaces For Your Products: Buy And Sell In 2022

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Top 10 Multi-Vendor Marketplaces For Your Products: Buy And Sell In 2022

The online wholesale marketplaces are a wonderful world to shop in without hassle. Many prestigious online marketplaces have introduced the digital world. These marketplaces are catering to millions and billions. eCommerce is the future; therefore, B2B businesses have shifted towards it.

The stats show an impressive result in the B2B e-commerce GMV; it has grown to $31 billion. The online platforms allow businesses to have a global venture, expand their name and earn profits. This is a fit for the system as it benefits both entities. 

But looking for the top 10 b2b eCommerce marketplace platforms can be daunting. So here is an exclusively selected e-commerce online marketplace for buyers and sellers in 2022. 

The Top 10 E-Commerce for Buyers and Sellers For 2022 

1. eWorldTrade 

eWordTrade has been an evergreen name in the market since its establishment. They have developed their business remarkably by inviting manufacturers and suppliers from anywhere. They are a reliable source of shopping for buyers and sellers.

eWorldTrade has a staggering directory of buyers and sellers from where anyone can select their manufacturers or suppliers. It is a cost-effective platform that offers various packages for its clients. They have created a seamless website with the added benefit of a mobile application. 

2. Amazon Business 

Amazon Business is an extension of Amazon. This platform is specially dedicated to B2B business transactions. A business can easily grow its name by joining the space and developing strategic solutions. They have a simplified shopping model with discounts and flexible payments for small businesses.

They have integrated multiple payment options to cater to their clients globally. They have a successful portfolio of over 5 million customers with more people to join them. They are a leading name in the Nort American region and now worldwide.

3. Super Delivery 

Super Delivery is an incredible Japanese wholesale market. There is an array of products available here, from daily necessities to electronics and shop materials. They have a cloud-based ordering system and an SD factory. Their website features their hot suppliers and products, an added feature.

Their products also mention the estimated delivery time and consultation on large orders. They offer container transportation to clients who order from multiple vendors to save transboundary costs. They have fine customer service; they refund the damages to missed products.

4. Averest 

Averest is a rising new name in Malaysia. They are a B2B marketplace that serves every industry. It is among the top 10 b2b eCommerce marketplace platforms. It is because of the variety of their service and cost-friendly rates. 

They were established a few years ago to grow Malaysian manufacturers and suppliers. However, they opened this business to grow altogether globally. They aim for businesses to grow digitally and work beyond borders. They provide a one-stop procurement and end-to-end solution to their clients. 

5. See Biz 

It is among the newly developed B2B marketplace running in the USA. It has made it to the list because of its interactive features and intelligent approaches. On this platform, the manufacturers, sellers, and wholesalers can interact. 

They have designed their system to cater to different clients despite the businesses’ size. They have the idea to build a full-fledged system for everyone to have a hassle-free experience.

6. EC Plaza 

EC Plaza is a Korean platform serving worldwide. It operates in multiple languages to cater to its clients globally. It was established in the year 1996, since then, they are made significant progress in the Asian region and further.

They do not only offer products, but they help in developing brand recognition. In addition, they help in investing in businesses through consultation and advice. EC Plaza is a highly recommended platform; it opens a window for buyers, suppliers, and exporters.

7. Alibaba

Alibaba is a phenomenal name on the list. So far, they have expanded its name and run other online marketplaces. They are the best platform for Chinese wholesalers and a place to find reliable Chinese products.

They have a friendly delivery time, with cost-effective prices. Alibaba is a recognized brand serving among the top online marketplaces.

8. Made in China 

It is a purely Chinese-based B2B platform popular for its exclusive Chinese products and features. It is among the oldest B2B online marketplaces. They have integrated a simple operating system and an easily accessible website. Their swift services are designed to cater to small to medium businesses.

They are strict about their auditing as they carry a verification process. They audit the seller to buyers based on their products, quality, and finance.

9. DH Gate 

They are an online Chinese B2B marketplace working its way to make it to the top. They are a famous name in the United States. They sell highly reputable goods at wholesale rates to medium and big businesses. 

DH gate is an expert in selling everything, jewelry, health apparel, etc. They are among the top sellers and a top preferred platform for sellers.  

10. Alanic Clothing 

Alanic Clothing is well-recognized apparel, fashion, and sports brand. They run their operations from the United States of America and further places. It is a wholesaling website where one can order customized clothing.

They have integrated a registration option for their clients on their website’s homepage. They have premium quality and top-rated wholesale clothing manufacturers and suppliers. They grow their team by adding enthusiastic people to their team.


Choosing a capable and best B2B portals have made it easier now. A credible online marketplace needs to be organized and well-structured. They need to have details about everything with images and information.

Top 10 Multi-Vendor Marketplaces For Your Products: Buy And Sell In 2022