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Top 10 Mobile App Development Trends for 2020

Well, these days, apps can serve many purposes in our life. To be precise, all of us are somewhat dependent on apps. Therefore, you can understand that the app development market is on fire right now. Looking at the situation, a lot of companies are coming up with new apps now and then.

If you have a plan to launch an iOS app, you must know the latest mobile app development trends of 2020. It will help you to comprehend the market better. Besides, acknowledging those trends will let you bring a fantastic iOS app on the boards. So, here are some of the latest trends in mobile app development, which you should know.

  1. Role of AR and VR in app development

Well, you can already witness the significance of AR and VR in the gaming industry. Also, they are making their mark in the video market as well. The best part about AR and VR trend is that it is inimitable. In other words, it will help you to serve your innovation uniquely.

Moreover, it will provide the best experience to the users. If you can dig out a bit deeper, you will find out that plenty of big companies are adopting this trend. So, you can see that going with this trend can never go wrong with your app.

  1. Machine Learning process in app development

If you seek to develop an iOS mobile app, then you must know that machine learning is a significant mobile app development trend. A few days back, Apple launched CoreML (Core Machine Learning), which is garnering a fantastic response from the users. Also, this trend is helping apple to come up with some fantastic apps.

If you are an Apple user, you must know about Siri. Well, let us tell you that Siri is integrated with CoreML. The best part about machine learning is that it will always develop with the flow of time. So, ask your iOS app development company to adopt this trend if you are about to launch an iOS app.

  1. Swift 5 programming language

Recently, Apple came up with a programming language named Swift 5. Well, it is an ABI (Application Binary Interface) as well as binary compatibility. Now, the company is focusing on the word so that they can incorporate it into their business. Therefore, you can expect that the future versions of macOS, iOS, TVOS, and Wearable OS will comprise of this language.

With the help of it, an iOS app developer can effortlessly craft apps. Besides, the sizes of the apps will become smaller if they integrate this language. Moreover, this software has astonishing compatibility with Linux.

  1. The age of IoT and wearables

You can consider this period to be the developing era of IoT and wearable. With each passing day, people are adapting these things. Well, one of the most important parts of IoT is that it will allow you to connect all the digital, mechanical and computing devices.

Moreover, it will help those devices of exchange data as well as information with each other. Some studies and observations are conveying that, by the end of 2020, we will witness 31 billion interconnected devices. Therefore, you can easily comprehend the implication of this trend.

  1. iOS apps with cloud integration

It is one of the app-development trends that have a lot of profits and opportunities. One of the best parts of the cloud storage is that it helps you to organize a massive amount of data. Besides, it is one of the trustworthy platforms where you can store your data.

One of the best parts about cloud storage is that you can get access to your data from wherever you want. Also, you can look up to your data wherever you want. Besides, one of the significant perks of cloud storage is that it will increase your internal memory.

  1. Apple pay- The mobile wallet

With the improvement of apps, we can see that eCommerce and online banking also witnessed significant growth. So, people, these days have a lot of options to pay and accept money. Right now, a massive number of people are using mobile wallets.

Mobile wallet users comprehended the fact that mobile wallet is safe. Besides, they are also pretty easy-to-use. So, you can see that Apple Pay is a fantastic mobile wallet to look for. It is safe and secured, and don’t need to save your details for the future. Therefore, Apple Pay is one of the vital trends of 2020.

  1. Improvement of the app security

When it comes to iOS app development, cybersecurity is quite a significant part. We all know that Apple is pretty precise and strict about their app’s security. So, if you are crafting an app for Apple, you have to give some extra efforts to strengthen the security of your app.

Well, the iOS app developers are quite meticulous about not letting hackers to hack the sensitive details of the users. They conveyed this message from the very beginning of the development of their company. After the iOS version 13, the authority integrated ATS (App Transport Security) in all their apps.

  1. Development of enterprise

Enterprise development is one of the most crucial things. To be precise, it is a vital part of the development of the app. There are a lot of benefits to enterprise development. Like, it can bring the best experience to the users and also enhance the security of the apps. Moreover, the productivity of the company will also reach new heights.

So, you can acknowledge why the developers are so serious about enterprise development.

  1. The intelligence of Siri

Siri is one of the most impressive things that apple presented to its users. Well, whenever you will look at the apple apps, you will find that the Siri of every app is improved. The company, as well as iOS, combines Siri with AI. So, you can see that it opens us a lot of opportunities.

The new Siri launched during the Apple World Wide Developers Conference, came up with a unique voice. Also, she can customize the conversations. Thus, whenever you talk with Siri, it will feel real as well as natural.

  1. The arrival of the new data

Well, it is the last but not the least trend of 2020. This trend helps in the acceleration of the development of iOS apps. Also, this big data integration helps the developers to create, powerful, scalable, robust and innovative apps.

So, these are some of the iOS app development trends that you must know. Knowing these trends will aid you to adapt the best patterns and incorporate those in your iOS app.

Author Bio:

rushabh patelRushabh Patel is a Founder and CEO of Siddhi InfoSoft, a leading Android and iOS App Development Company focused on creating experiences that connect, perform & inspire. We believe in delivering perfect business solutions by adopting the latest and trending technologies for web and app development.

Top 10 Mobile App Development Trends for 2020

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