Top 10 LinkedIn Marketing Tactics
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Top 10 LinkedIn Marketing Tactics

LinkedIn is the biggest professional network globally, having more than 600 million users from various nations. It’s an excellent resource for B2B marketers as well. You can easily promote your brand and grow your business with an accurate LinkedIn marketing strategy.

Almost 80% of B2B leads are generated from LinkedIn alone, and you can easily take advantage of this network by gaining enough followers. This blog post covers the top ten LinkedIn marketing tactics for optimum results.

Create and optimize your profile

Create and optimize your profile

The initial step is creating your profile and optimizing your company page because some profile modifications will boost your chances of getting noticed. For example, a high-resolution headshot is fine for a personal profile, while the brand logo is ideal for the profile picture of a company page.

It creates a striking company page with relevant details like contact address, email, website URL, a concise description of products and services, etc. This increases the chances of grabbing potential leads.

Now, your LinkedIn profile can be optimized by adding appropriate keywords related to your brand. But, first, you have to perform keyword research for that. Then your profile page will appear at a higher position in search results when people search online for those keywords.

Post valuable and appealing content

Professionals from various industries use LinkedIn to learn about their latest activities and participate in pertinent discussions. You must take advantage of this by regularly posting content on trending business topics and highlighting your distinctive perspective on them.

People will read your content, and many of them will send you messages and requests. This helps you to grow your network and have a better global reach. The type of content that suits best on LinkedIn is:

Blog posts on recent and trending subjects present valuable insights to your target audience.

  • Research work related to your industry and its bright prospects.
  • Share the most up-to-date industry news that grabs the attention of your target audience.
  • You can share the most up-to-date industry news, as that is something many of your audience might be interested in.
  • You can also use LinkedIn to inform your followers about your company’s progress, new products launched, etc.

Take advantage of LinkedIn search for lead generation.

LinkedIn provides fantastic opportunities to B2B companies for lead generation. In addition, most of the foremost companies’ employees have LinkedIn accounts, which is like a vast free database.

The advanced search feature on this platform has many search filters, such as industry, previous company, present company, location, etc. So you can readily leverage this opportunity to find and target decision-makers like CEOs, CTOs, and CIOs of distinct companies.

Take advantage of LinkedIn search for lead generation.

Make your employees active on LinkedIn.

One of your LinkedIn marketing tactics is the active involvement of your employees in expanding your network. Ensure that the employees add your company to their profiles, automatically converting them into followers.

This strategy will help your company make more connections and get noticed on the professional network. Tell your employees to share company updates, achievements, and other relevant content with their connections so that your organization gets enough exposure.

Send personalized InMail

The personalized InMail feature is accessible only for premium accounts on LinkedIn. Sending personalized InMail is much better since it yields three times more replies than usual emails. This is good for promoting your products and services to the target audience.

Additionally, premium accounts provide other features like useful insights and analytics to examine how various messages your organization sends are performing and how you can get better outcomes.

Advertise via Matched Audiences feature

A fantastic marketing tactic targets the maximum possible relevant users by running ads on the LinkedIn network. The people visiting your website and those already in your email contact list can be easily retargeted using the Matched Audiences feature of LinkedIn.

These people already know your company and products, so most of them can be easily converted. Unfortunately, people often don’t convert immediately on your company’s first introduction, but retargeting them with ads will boost the conversion rate.

Sponsor your engaging posts

Usually, some content we post works well, while some don’t. The trick to play here is to capitalize on your finest content to get the maximum benefit from it, and LinkedIn provides a ‘sponsored content’ option for that.

Sponsoring content is similar to native advertising, with the help of which you can promote your top content even to target audiences outside your professional network on LinkedIn. This way, you get a great chance to get noticed by decision-makers of various companies who can give you potential leads.

Use Images and Videos

Besides text-based content, an excellent way to grab LinkedIn users’ attention is to use engaging images and videos. Instead of sharing YouTube links, it’s much better to upload videos directly to the LinkedIn network.

It is recommended to use brief videos of 1 to 2-minute duration that should be genuine and present your brand’s worth suitably. As a result, your content becomes more appealing, and this tactic is more likely to fetch you significant conversions.

Examine competitors’ company pages

A vital tactic to stay ahead in the competitive market is to utilize the “Companies to track” feature of LinkedIn that reveals companies’ list and their pages of a similar domain as yours. Then, you analyze your competitor’s list for followers, social network engagement, relative progress, etc.

You can compare your company’s growth with your competitors and use the data to improve your marketing strategy.

Leverage LinkedIn Analytics

You need to track and assess your marketing initiative’s performance by the “Company Page Analytics” of the platform. It presents valuable insights into the performance of various messages and suggestions for better results.

This feature is also available for premium accounts and is useful for analyzing your marketing efforts’ performance.


This article covers well-tested LinkedIn marketing tactics to take your business to the next level. You now also know about LinkedIn analytics and meaningful insights. Implement these top ten LinkedIn marketing tactics to promote your brand and flawlessly earn good business.

Author bio:

Part Saxena is the digital marketing strategist at TechIngenious, one of India’s leading digital marketing agencies with reliable web & mobile app developers. He is fond of content writing and has written several marketing and technology articles.

Top 10 LinkedIn Marketing Tactics

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