Top 10 Features of WordPress Plugins for Productivity

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Top 10 Features of WordPress Plugins for Productivity

If you work with WordPress, you know how important it is to have a good plugin. It is designed to improve everything from media management and core functionality, i.e., EU energy label to security.

Theoretically, you can eat as much as you want, but don’t overdo it. A good rule of thumb is to keep the number of plugins minimum. This does not mean that a site with 12 or 13 plugins is bad. This means you must do your best to question each setting and confirm the need.

Remember that the fewer plugins you have, the less problem you have if something happens. It is also recommended to avoid using multiple plugins to perform the same function. Not only can they conflict and cause problems, but they are more controlled without any real benefit.

But with so many plugins on the web, it can be hard to choose. So to help you, I’ve compiled a list of 15 plugins you need to be more productive as a developer and business owner.

Discover the top 10 useful features of WordPress plugins for a productivity boost

#1. Asana

One thing that designers and bloggers have in common is that they work on multiple projects. And without a good project management plan, it’s easy to lose control of a project. And these results may be enough to pack your bags.

I used to be all over Google Spreadsheets for tracking, but a friend introduced me to Asana. And I’m so glad I tried it. Now that I use a job search engine like Asana, I can easily feel my productivity increase. But unfortunately, the device is the most disappointing with other parts that seem outdated.

You can’t set reminders for yourself or get information for the daily to-do list. Yet, Asana does all of this and more.

#2. Viper Video QuickTags

If you’ve ever uploaded a video, you know that you need to use HTML code to make it happen. Make your life easier and save time with the Viper Video QuickTags Plugin.

After installing the installer and setting a few options, you will have the ability to copy and paste the video link and install the video with the click of a button. It is very easy to use and allows you to upload more than one video at a time.

#3. W3 Total Cache

W3 Total Cache is one of the most popular plugins for WordPress. Caching stores content on a website in the user’s browser so that the information can be provided quickly the next time they visit your website.

W3 Total Cache reduces site load time. Due to increased site speed, you will see an increase in your site’s search engine ranking, user experience—effectiveness, and maybe even conversion rates.

#4. WordFence Security

WordFence is the best security plugin for WordPress. Many WordPress administrators use it, including those who provide information about plugin buttons and actions. This ensures that the patch is constantly updated and improved with each new update.

WordFence helps prevent hackers from accessing your website by checking your files for problems, scanning your website for malware, checking who accesses your ‘ websites, blocking bad IP addresses, and more.

#5. Pomodoro

Timeboxing is the heart of many time and activity management tools. If you get it right, you will be better than others. For example, the Pomodoro Technique uses the concept of time constraints to help a person be more productive.

This allows time to be divided into chunks of fixed length. After this period, you can rest (again within a predetermined period). There is a timeout at the end of the break. You can download the free software for your system and set the length according to your production.

#6. Pretty Link

Let’s say you have an affiliate link for your team. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could customize the Link and still get permission to post it? It’s also important to check both the number of clicks and the number of unique clicks to keep track of performance – whether it’s a link to your email, WordPress site, or something else. Pretty Link allows you to do both. The process is very simple, and it creates a lot of value.

#7. Weglot

Weglot is a free WordPress translation service that gets you up and running in minutes. You can add more than 100 languages ​​to your WordPress website without the help of a developer, professional translator, or any programming skills.

With Weglot, you will get a fully translated website (including plugins and dynamic content) using top-notch machine translation, full control over your website translations with sample templates, metadata translation, language subdirectories, automatic use of hreflang tags, translated slug URL, and more other.

#8. Newsletter Glue

SEO plugins are a great way to increase traffic, but what do you do with more users? The answer is simple – subscribe to their newsletter. Newsletter Glue is a WordPress plugin that quickly turns your blog into a newsletter.

In less than 5 minutes, you can turn your blog feed into a newsletter by categorizing and tagging subscribers. No coding is required. No training is required—the fastest way to make a newsletter from a blog.

#9. Wunderlist

There are so many inspiring things to do out there, but for some reason, I seem overwhelmed by this. Of course, Wunderlist is marketed as a to-do. But don’t be fooled by this or its finished look.

You can start working on it by creating a simple to-do list, but the minute you need special collaboration skills, this app can turn into a tough boss. You can also add attachments. The free version comes with more bells and whistles than the premium version.

#10. Wave

Wave is a full suite of business accounting software, but I’m referring to its billing service for this post. Whether you’re a WordPress designer, developer, or blogger, you’ll love Wave’s customer service.

Wave allows you to add an unlimited number of clients and issue unlimited invoices for free. Unfortunately, the basic (free) plans are more than you need.

Although there is nothing fancy in the bill, it is very simple, but the whole process of creation and delivery is unique. Although you can use it to bill your customers, you can also keep track of your expenses by paying yourself for all your expenses and investments.


It is almost impossible to launch a WordPress website without adding functionality through plugins. Whether you want to reach users through email signup forms, add promotional campaigns, add images to improve website speed, or optimize your content for search engine optimization, your website has a plugin for just about anything you can think of.

In addition, plugins improve the user experience, which means better usability and opportunities to reach a wider audience. If you don’t know which plugins to add first, these popular and trusted plugins will help you get started.

Top 10 Features of WordPress Plugins for Productivity

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