Top 10 eCommerce App Development Companies

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Top 10 eCommerce App Development Companies

The e-commerce industry is a fast-growing industry, and since the pandemic, it is growing exponentially. Businesses need to incorporate apps for a greater experience. The research shows that by 2025 there will be 7.1 billion mobile users. These stats show the importance of having mobile apps. So why don’t some of the e-commerce businesses are not opting for applications? 21% of the business said they lack technical expertise. Since to solve this issue, here is a list top 10 e-commerce app development companies.

List of top 10 app development companies 


The list starts with Retrocube, a top-notch mobile app development company. They offer their service at a cost-effective rate with multiple benefits for brands and businesses. In addition, they make apps for entrepreneurs and enterprises across different platforms. Their success portfolio has catered to above 1000+ clients and has a talented team of 650 people. 

Whether it is iPhone app development, customized games, or e-commerce solutions, Retrocube can cater to everything. They offer cutting-edge solutions to their users, and the tech gurus create the applications carrying out a competitive market analysis. Then, they gather the ideas after deep research and develop out-of-the-box applications. 


Iflexion is a custom software development and mobile application platform. They can create the finest B2B, B2C, and mobility solutions with any corporate system. With Iflexion, they provide easy-to-use, sleek mobile solutions and return customers with loyalty and real-world engagement. 

The app developers at Iflexion design the mobile application with a wow factor and gives the user a highly intuitive web mobile experience. They also cater to their clients in making cross-coverage platforms with mobile-enabled technologies. Since 1999, Iflexion has been working and delivering software and IT-related services with 850 skilled software professionals. 

TOPS Infosolution

From web applications to e-commerce CMS and mobile applications, TOPS InfoSolutions can cater to custom development services. They are a software development and consulting company servicing new and small-sized businesses and till now have catered to 250 clients. TOPS has not limited its services to a specific industry; instead, it has expanded its services to other industries such as retail, healthcare, manufacturing, etc. 

TOPS has the mission to cater to clients with new ideas and trends with improved quality and a winning approach. They go over the top to make the best version of mobile applications. With 7+ years of experience, they have built a diverse pool of apps.


Monetrail has been famous for building software for different industries since 2010. They have built 300 products from small to medium-sized businesses and helped e-commerce shape their business. They start by sharing ideas and planning a prototype with their clients to achieve maximum satisfaction. If a client has an idea, they can bring it to the table, and the team and business develop an MVP. They have a business analysis team, and together they work and study the model.

The team at Monterial goes through a series of steps and develops the application into an attractive UI/UX design with all the required components. 


Firebase is a top-rated name in the mobile app development industry. The name is backed by Google and is among the most trusted platforms.  They cater to their clients with the finest app development journey, and with the e-commerce platforms don’t have to worry about the infrastructures. Therefore, it is one of the recommended-commerce mobile app development companies.  


Fingent is among the leading names of software and technology consulting companies. They have been working in the industry since 2003. They take the challenge and solve the business challenge with web and mobile app solutions. This global leader in e-commerce has pioneered custom solutions for their clients, which have become a headline for their company. 

They are a big team of around 300 experts having offices worldwide. They are among the rapidly growing company working for their clients at cost-effective rates.

Byteout Software 

Byteout is the platform where ideas are turned into digital products. They help e-commerce in building a roadmap for a successful journey. The seasoned developers are fully equipped to make web and mobile applications. In addition, they are experts in developing truly tailored custom software according to the demands and requirements of their clients.


Qualdev is situated in New York and is an innovative name serving multiple services. They have an excellent service in mobile app development service and offer astounding opportunities for a high-tech experience. They make apps that can center their attention and provide the best services to their clients. Together with a team of designers, developers run a plan of creativity that brings a modern and well-versed product. With 15 years of experience, they work in app development, SEO, internet marketing, etc.


Qualilogic is an American-based web and app development company. They are highly skilled in developing the best mobile apps with cutting-edge solutions. They create cost-effective, robust, and highly efficient technology solutions as per clients’ needs. They have the best talent working their best to develop a staggering product. They are not only an app development platform, but they cater to e-commerce development, game development, etc.

My Virtual Teams 

They are a top-rated name in the list of app development. MVT is the one name to look out for for a tailored e-commerce system with the finest apps and a creative social network. They are experts in turning tech imaginations into realities. MVT team is an expert in developing hybrid model apps that work tremendously for iOS and Android platforms.


These companies have been carefully selected after going through a pure analysis. These are among the top e-commerce app development companies working in the best interest of serving their clients. The E-commerce world is among the fastest-growing industry. Similarly, e-commerce app development is growing and has vital importance. Thus, it is necessary to achieve this for the best results. 

Top 10 eCommerce App Development Companies