Top 10 Brands That Benefitted from Magento Development

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Have you ever wondered why giants like Coca-Cola, Olympus, Amazon, Nike, Ford, and many more have popular functional stores?

Have you got anything…!– No?

Then you’re about to discover many interesting facts in this article. First, all these giants offer an awesome user experience as they are built using the Magento platform. It’s a fact today that a quarter of eCommerce stores run on Magento development. Sounds fascinating.

These big guys and even small and large online websites also use Magento development for an effective online presence.


This platform offers incredible benefits to developers as well as users. Being an open source, it is equipped with many default features for eCommerce. In addition, it has a large community to support website developers and users, so you can approach the members whenever you have a problem with the development of your site.

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The business world may have witnessed a lot of turbulence regarding eCommerce platforms. Magento solutions have been everyone’s favorite since its inception. Shopping trends have been changing drastically in the last few years. Designing a competitive and elegant online platform using Magento can help your business grow. The platform’s main aim is to increase user engagement, offer smooth navigation, improve sales, and serve millions of customers worldwide.

Top 10 Brands That Benefitted from Magento Development


Jeff Bezos started this giant in 1994 as an online book-selling marketplace. Since then, he has had a vision for the company’s explosive growth. He was very clear from the start that he wanted Amazon to be “an everything store.” Today, Amazon is the world’s highest-earning eCommerce company.

When we talk about the uniqueness of the Amazon Store, users have a great shopping experience. The portal is simple and easy to use; it offers personalized product recommendations and shows popular brands. In addition, Amazon uses a premium edition CMS platform for its online store.

The giant has a future delivery system to deliver the packages safely to the customers as Amazon is working on drones to drop off the orders. Amazon has been testing its Prime Air delivery drones for years now, and we can soon expect our packages to be delivered in 30 minutes or less with drones.

Unmanned drones will take Amazon to the next level as they will also reduce carbon emissions and road congestion. Let’s wait to see what this new future technology brings for us.


Nike’s Australian website is built using Magento. It is a big brand that manufactures and supplies athletic shoes, sports equipment, and apparel. It is a well-known brand for clothes, bags, shoes, and accessories for men, women, and children. When you browse the Nike web store, you will be able to notice the eye-catchy look and feel that tempt the users to shop for the products. The website has easy-to-find options to search for items by various criteria such as sport, size, and color. In addition, Nike has implemented a product configurator tool that allows users to design their shoes how they want. Its Magento-powered website offers a sleek and modern seamless user experience.


Ford Motor Company is an American automaker located in Michigan. Ford’s official webshop for accessories uses Magento. Being one of the largest automakers in the US, Ford chose the Magento Enterprise platform for selling accessories. In addition, their website has easy search and filter options to make it easy for visitors to find specific products.


Thomas Goldkamp Inc. is known for the best in the premier class distributor of tapes, adhesives, packaging machines/materials, electrical items, and abrasives to businesses of all sizes. Magento 2, the transformed version of the Magento eCommerce Platform, which comes with a new architecture, code structure, and database design, is used by Tgoldkamp. Nowadays, every eCommerce retailer focuses on Magento 2 for building user-friendly websites. Having locations in Colorado and Pennsylvania, the company offers exceptional customer support. Being a premier distributor for 3M, Loctite, Henkel, Shockwatch, and Sealed Air materials, their family-owned and operated business has partnered with companies in the manufacturing and distribution sector for over 40 years to help increase productivity and decrease costs for our customers.


It is one of the biggest eCommerce portals built in China in 1999. Since then, Alibaba has delivered many products worldwide to retail and wholesale clients. Alibaba uses its popular online payment method, Alipay, which works similarly to PayPal. The giant’s marketplace is created with Magento CMS and has been customized per their requirements.


It is a top-class wholesaler of stylish and classy cabinetry solutions for homes. The company sells high-quality bathroom and kitchen cabinets online. The website was developed with Magento 2, considering the advanced customer expectations and scalability. NuformCabinetry has provided the finest kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanities since 2017. The company offers a wide range of solid wood cabinets, superior hardware, and unique design features. The online store offers an extensive selection of accessories for your cabinets too. Homeowners can make their kitchen unique and beautiful with high-quality cabinets bought from NuformCabinetry.

Coca Cola

We all may have tried Coca-Cola many times in our lives. So, we don’t need to introduce you to this popular soft drink giant. It is the best-selling soft drink of all time. Coca-Cola’s website uses Magento for its website. You can get personalized bottles, apparel, or gift boxes from their Magento store.


It is one of the leading eCommerce marketplaces catering to B2B and B2C customers across all niches. It offers a broad category of products and has a unique bidding and auction feature. Being built on Magento, eBay helps sellers make sales to the highest bidders with the help of auctions.


Olympus is a Japanese company that sells different technical equipment, cameras, and lenses. It is a good example of the Magento eCommerce platform. As a leading camera producer worldwide, it has a user-friendly online shop to encourage clients to buy products online.

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What makes the website of this giant a preferred choice of several clients is that it has an attractive menu section with five different sections, each containing its subsections. This unique feature is the section called “Shop.” When the user mouseovers, the drop-down menu appears with the images of the suggested items. This simple navigation is an added advantage of this online store that improves the user experience and helps the brand increase sales.

Cisco Systems Inc.

It is one of the leading B2B technology brands considered the best tech company offering cutting-edge advanced products to B2B agencies across different niches. In addition, Cisco Systems uses Magento as its CMS platform and has a lot of top Magento extensions keeping in mind the B2B customers.


Now that you know the top 10 giants that use Magento, don’t you think it’s worth investing in this technology? Magento eCommerce development can surely help you get more sales for your business. I-Verve is a top Magento development company with certified developers to build future-ready online stores.

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