Top 10 Amazon PPC Software to Change Your Advertising Game

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Top 10 Amazon PPC Software to Change Your Advertising Game

Today, Amazon PPC advertising performs much better than most other ad platforms, and specific tools may help you enhance your advertising efforts.

Nowadays, being an Amazon seller is simpler than ever.

You’ll still need to figure out how to stand out and draw in a larger audience on the platform itself. If you aren’t currently using Amazon PPC tools and advertising, you should consider doing so.

Why are these ads necessary?

Because Amazon PPC advertising reaches a larger audience with more prospective buyers, they work better than most other search engines. You should make sure your advertisements are as effective as possible because of this.

Several Amazon PPC solutions are now accessible to assist with that. These tools are designed to make it easier to efficiently create, manage, alter, promote, and track your campaigns and to improve the effectiveness of your digital advertising strategy.

They may be used to create campaigns, set budgets, and bid levels, and place PPC links on other channels like Facebook and Google Ads.

Top 10 Amazon PPC Software to Change Your Advertising Game

  • Perpetua

Perpetua is an Amazon PPC management tool that makes it easy to track all of your campaigns, manage budgets and keep tabs on their performance. You can also create custom audiences based on specific criteria like product type or buyer behavior.

  • Ad Badger

Amazon’s in-house ad platform, Perpetua, offers a free tier that includes data on your account. The free tier also includes advanced tools for creating ads and tracking their performance.

Ad Badger is an ad platform that helps you manage your ads and track them in real-time. Ad Badger will help you create better ads, optimize them for the best results, and ensure they get seen by the right audience.

  • Seller App

Seller App is a great tool for sellers who want to automate their Amazon PPC campaigns. It has various features that help you manage your campaigns, including creating landing pages, tracking sales, and even sending email campaigns directly from the Seller App.

If you want to increase your sales on Amazon, this is one tool that should be on your radar.

  • Teikametrics

Teikametrics is an Amazon PPC software that lets you optimize your campaigns for maximum performance. The tool analyzes your data to determine which keywords are most profitable for your business, then creates a custom campaign based on those results. You can also use the tool to track conversions from each keyword so you can make changes to improve performance over time.

  • Sellics

Sellics is another Amazon PPC software that lets you manage multiple accounts simultaneously. This means you don’t have to log in whenever you want to change or check on how well your account is performing. The tool lets you schedule campaigns and monitors performance metrics across multiple accounts simultaneously, making it easy to compare campaigns side by side without jumping between different tabs or windows.

 It has a wide range of features like dynamic pricing based on demand; multiple pricing levels; inventory management; real-time bidding; automatic coupon fulfillment; automatic shipping fulfillment; complex tracking reports, and much more.

  • ScaleInsights

This tool gives you access to all the sales information from Amazon. It helps you analyze your competitors’ sales performance, learn which products are selling well, and see how your products rank compared to others on Amazon.

  • Virtual Launch

A virtual launch is a great tool for Amazon’s PPC campaign launch. In minutes, it allows you to add keywords, ad copy, and bid strategy to your account. You can also test up to three ad copy variations with each keyword, which will help you determine which one performs best.

  • Zon Tools

Zon tools is an Amazon PPC software that helps you create multiple accounts and manage them on the same platform. This is also great for agencies with multiple clients using different keywords. In addition, Zon tools allow you to create multiple accounts for each client so that all their campaigns are managed in one place.

  • Amazooka

Amazooka is another great Amazon PPC tool that allows you to create multiple campaigns simultaneously, monitor them from one dashboard, and see how they perform against each other. This tool also has features like ad scheduling, multi-device bidding, and more, so it’s worth checking out if you’re working on a big project or want to track your performance over time.

  • Helium 10

Helium10 is software that helps you to analyze your Amazon sales data by showing you the top products, categories, and products within each category.

You can also see how your products rank compared to other sellers, which is a great way to compare yourself against them.

The Bottom Line:

This Amazon PPC software will surely help you to skyrocket your sales and boost ROI.