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5 Most Effective Tips To Optimize Your WordPress Website To Boost The Ranking In 2019/20

WordPress, at the present day, is known as the famous Content Management System. It was the year 2003 when WordPress was introduced to the people as a blogging platform, and now it has evolved into a very competent website builder and a powerful Content Management System. The Walt Disney Company, Readers Digest, UPS, Facebook, Time Magazine are some of the famous companies in the world that are powered by WordPress.

The USP of WordPress is that it is very user-friendly even if you are not knowledgeable about the HTML or any programming languages; the plugins, the customization, and the editing in WordPress is simple to use. Other things which have increased popularity is that the software is free. You need not shell out a huge amount of money for using this easy and flexible. You can freely install, download, and modify as per your requirements where you don’t need any technical know-how to operate the same. It is also effortless to manage the themes and plugins as per your desire, and the most important thing is that it is developed in such a manner that it is very safe and secure to run a website on this platform.

Importance of Ranking

Every Website aspires to be number one, the reason being it increases the traffic of the company’s Website. Search Engines help in doing that as most of us while searching anything through search engines we click on the first link which is thrown.

The ranking is one of the crucial aspects of the SEO strategy. At the present time, people’s dependence on the search engine to find answers to their questions has increased considerably. And the site which ranks at the top in Search Engine Results Pages has terrific visibility, which aides in improving the traffic on the Website. Also, the site, which is rated highly, is considered as the most trustworthy and credible site, which again helps to draw traffic to the site. Here are actionable tricks already tried and tested by the web development companies that will surely help your website to rank high this year.

1.      Use of Catchy Permalinks

Permalinks are the permanent URL for the Website. This links to the post, blog, or the content which has been uploaded on the Website. An eloquent and clear link will help in boosting the ranking of your Website. Hence one has to make sure that permalink contains the words or phrases which will clearly reveal the content if people click on the link. The best practice that is followed by the website owners is that they change their default setting to the name of the post they want to upload as it helps the users to remember it and for the search engines it easy for them to index it.

However, if your Website has been active for more than six months, then it is advisable not to change the structure of the permalink as per the post name. By doing this your existing ranking will be affected. Hence for an established site changing the link will decline the ranking, if it is imperative to change then you must hire a professional to do so rather than doing it yourself.

2.      Upload Best Quality Content

The catchphrase ‘Content is the King’ holds true here as well. A website that looks good but the content of the Website is dated than the traffic on the Website will be close to none. It is essential for the website owner to regularly update the Website with quality content on it. If you have built a website but have not bothered to develop your Website then the ranking will be affected. The content of the Website should be so interesting and of such high quality that it should force the user to stay at your Website longer. The more they stay on your Website, the more dwell time. The Website, which has exciting and highly informative content uploaded on their site, has an extended dwell time, and this aide in improving the ranking of your WordPress website.

3.      Have a Good Visual Display on your Website

Since the search engines are getting more intelligent day by day, The process of getting a higher ranking has also become quite complex. And image optimization is one of the strong components of SEO. They say that ‘Picture is better than a thousand words’. A website with eye-catching and attractive images will help in improving your website traffic. Since today websites are using more visuals than ever to catch the customer’s attention. pages become increasingly graphical and image-heavy, and that certainly affects their WordPress site speed gradually. Hence the image optimization is a must. This can be done either manually or with plugins.  A few of the most important Image factors include the alt tag, title tag, image size, image name, and image linking if optimized properly can take your business to a whole new level.

4.      Links to the Social Media

Social Media has taken over the internet all over. Everyone youngsters and old people alike are hooked to social media. With such a massive uproar of social media, it would be wise to take full advantage of this for boosting the ranking of your Website. While uploading an article or any image, make provision for social media sharing of the same. By making your content and images sharable, the web users will share at their social media hence making it visible to their contacts as well. This will considerably increase the traffic of the Website.

5.      Good Page Loading Speed

It is a big turn off that the one can see a content that seems to be useful to them, but when they click on the link, it takes forever to load. The amount of time the page takes to load is inversely proportional to the traffic on your Website. Specific tools are available, which recommends you the way you can increase the speed of your site. By deleting the WordPress plugins which are not used for a reasonable amount of time or by optimizing the images and the videos you have uploaded are some of the ways through which you can increase the loading speed of your Website.

Wrapping Up-

The right implementation of the SEO in the WordPress website is a very crucial step to attract visitors. So here you have a few basic but very important tips that can take your website’s speed optimization to a new level so that it loads and performs faster than ever!

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