Tips to Improve eCommerce Web Design
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Tips to Improve eCommerce Web Design

With 2.89 million of Ireland’s population shopping online, eCommerce stores are no longer a rarity. Instead, buying or selling products and services over the Internet is pushing store retailers to reach out directly to the local population.

Why is E-commerce Website design vitally crucial for marketing?

A visitor on an e-commerce site is a potential customer – even if the primary motive is to browse and gather information. The delicate balance between too much and too little information is achievable. If you look at the websites of the most popular brands globally – Apple and Alibaba – you can be envious of their design elements. But, you, too, can become a successful site if you follow these six tips to improve your e-commerce web design elements.

Six marketing considerations for an e-commerce web design

Use of minimalist design

Several popular brands teach you that minimalism is the key to a successful design. However, you should keep in mind one thing: these brands are known the world over, and a newer brand or product range may not suffice with such a high level of minimalism.

What you can do

    • Use white spaces to enhance the customer’s sense of balance and space
    • Give enough space for product display
    • Show products cleanly and in detail

Keeping the Trust factor in mind

Both Apple and Alibaba have established a strong brand position – your e-commerce web design also needs to capture the brand’s value to be a success. To build trust in the mind of the customers, you need to incorporate the objectives of e-payment, which are safety, convenience, transparency, and time and cost savings of transactions. This builds trust among clients and helps to get more customers.

What you can do

    • Ensure a safe and secure payment gateway platform to keep users’ information safe
    • Incorporate badges, awards, client logos, security certificates, etc.
    • Display positive reviews, as well as efficient handling of negative reviews.
    • Provide clarity with regards to shipping, returns policy, and more

Easy shopping and billing procedures

If you ever visit the site of the two brands, there is one thing that stands out, the easy procedures for adding products to the cart. Not only that, prices are shown, and with just a click of a button, a user can go to the ‘buying page’ and become a customer. Everybody should mimic these easy shopping and billing procedures.

What you can do

    • The shopping cart and the number of products should be visible on all pages and remain unchanged for repeat visitors.
    • Prices with taxes, and shipping costs, should be earmarked and visible
    • Discounts should be automated. Tabs for promo codes should be accounted for quickly
    • Information gathered should be minimal and addresses automated for members
    • The payment gateway should use a few minutes to deduct payments

Use Mobile-First or Responsive Pages

A study indicates that 46% more of the Irish population uses their handheld device to make purchase decisions. Therefore, it is undeniable that you need a mobile site that is easy to use for browsing, information sharing, and shopping.

What you can do

    • Keep cross platforms compatibilities in mind while searching for the perfect web design Galway
    • All products and processes should be optimized for smaller screen sizes
    • Follow the parameters of mobile-first design, for example – faster load times
    • Implement high-contrast, and instantly visible Call to Action tabs and buttons

Content & Images to be SEO Optimized

Grabbing the user’s attention requires ranking on search engine result pages or SERPs. To do that, you need to know the most-used keywords, how to optimize video content, use transparent images, etc.

What you can do

    • Optimize content which includes metadata, snippets, and product descriptions with keywords. Give accurate details in product descriptions.
    • Ensure all images used are of high quality and do not take time to load
    • Use Alt tags to index images and videos.
    • Show product images from all angles for clarity and transparency
    • Images should feature the Alt tags.

Easy Site Navigation

One of the aspects most new e-commerce website designs tend to overlook is the user’s navigation. Moving from one product to another or from one page to another should be hassle-free and possible with a single click.

What you can do

    • Create category-wise landing pages
    • Link category pages to each product page and back
    • Ensure contact information is visible
    • Introduce chatbots to help users solve issues, instantly
    • Run A/B tests to ensure there are no error pages or broken links

In conclusion, the increasing popularity of online shopping among Irish customers cannot be ignored by e-commerce retailers. Hence, for all e-stores, an e-commerce website design should consider a user’s ease from the landing page to the payment page, even on mobile.

Summary – E-commerce Web Design comes to either help the customer have an easy shopping experience or make them leave the website if browsing or shopping is difficult. Learn the six elements of web design to improve your site efficiency.

Tips to Improve eCommerce Web Design

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