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Tips for a successful inbound marketing strategy in 2017

Inbound marketing is one of the most successful modern marketing techniques available to companies these days. It involves drawing clients or customers in by providing them with valuable information relevant to their needs through digital content such as newsletters, blog articles, social media interaction or other online media. This information makes customers trust and value a company’s presence more and are therefore inclined to be drawn towards their products. Implementing this marketing strategy can be tricky, however, so here are a few tips to successfully increase customer-company interaction and maximize sales through inbound marketing.

Tips for a successful inbound marketing strategy in 2017

Write Valuable Content Optimised for Search Engines

Valuable content is the most basic element of a good inbound marketing campaign and is hence vital to the success of a company’s strategy. Good content is engaging, unique and well-written, relevant to the company’s target demographic and well-represented in search engine results. A few keywords most relevant to the subject at hand should be repeated at the right frequency and with the right techniques so that engines are likely to display the piece as a search result to potential customers. Search engines update their search algorithms regularly so it is very important to keep your optimization techniques up to date and relevant.

Consider Using Influencers to Get Your Message Across

One of the biggest changes to digital marketing in recent times is the fast rising trend of influencers – content creators with particular expertise in engaging with potential consumers. Influencers can help boost sales, push traffic towards your content or simply introduce your company or product to the world. While they are by no means necessary for a successful inbound marketing strategy, their pre-existing following can make it easy to introduce your company or product to a large number of people at once. Influencers can be paid to introduce a product or they can simply be provided with a sample in exchange for their honest feedback. It is important to choose an influencer whose following matches your target demographic and who has high engagement rate with said following, even if it is not a particularly large number.

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Focus on Existing Customers, Not Existing Products

An interesting change to marketing strategies seen in recent times is how companies are shifting focus from their actual products onto customers using said products. This has proven to be a successful technique because it benefits both companies and consumers. By looking at their customers’ feedback, companies can gain insight into the flaws and strengths of their product. Customers, meanwhile, can benefit by seeing trustworthy testimonials regarding the success or failure of a product from an independent source. Of course, focusing on customer engagement does not mean ignoring your product completely – it simply means that you need the right variety of content that focuses on both aspects.

Make Sure Your Online Presence is Up-To-Date

Even if you have excellent content, if it appears to be dated, visitors are unlikely to want to engage with it. It is hence important to make sure you are presenting yourself in a modern and relevant way. Digital media is a fast changing medium and while it can be exhausting to keep up with new trends and techniques, it is vital to appear up-to-date. Design agencies and web designers can help by regularly updating your website and keeping the structure revamped and maintained.

Track Your Progress

And finally, and perhaps most importantly, it is highly necessary to track the effects of any changes introduced to your content. Services such as Google Analytics have made it very easy to track customer engagement, new followers, relevant hits etc. and should be utilized to the maximum to track which changes are successful and which are not. Tracking your progress can also allow you to quantify how much success a certain strategy was worth, thereby giving insight into whether or not it was a worthy investment of time or money.

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So while inbound marketing can indeed be tricky to master, it is absolutely vital to a company’s success in today’s digital age and following these tricks can help make it easier and more accessible to any company, large or small. 

Cindy Parker is the professional writer and Content Specialist. She loves to write about small businesses, education, and languages. Currently, she works for Learn to trade – a currency trading education company based in Australia.

Tips for a successful inbound marketing strategy in 2017

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