Tips for Inspiring Trust on Your Website

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Ecommerce is taking over the world, thereby prompting people to develop websites to run their businesses. However, numerous scam sites prey on potential customers, hence putting a lot of effort into creating your site. If you are operating in the state of Nevada, you should consider web development in Las Vegas. Las Vegas is one of the cities with the most vibrant developers who cater to the growing e-commerce businesses in Nevada County. Having a website enables you to market and grow your online presence.

At a time when customers are very cautious, here are 4 tips on how you can inspire trust on your website:


  •     Capitalize on customer reviews and testimonials

Customer reviews possess the power to improve your brand’s credibility and influence customer decisions immensely. You should know that publishing positive reviews on your website will help you secure consumer trust. Research has shown that the more you look trustworthy, the higher the probability of enhancing your online identity. While we live in times where reviews can be manipulated, having testimonials on your website gives new people who visit your site a chance to check out the clients who rated you to see whether they are legit.

Ever heard of the phrase ‘a picture tells a thousand words’? Well, you should use imagery to reinforce text reviews. You could have your customers’ images using your products or videos of your customers telling their stories about their interaction with you. To embed videos on your website, you can use Unicode, allowing you to integrate social media reviews to your website. With this strategy, customers will have no option but to transact with your organization.

  •     Link your website to you social media handles

Apart from having a website for your business, it is paramount that you open social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. You should select a social media handle based on where most of your customers are. On social media, you can easily interact with potential customers, respond to their queries, market your goods, and improve your brand’s loyalty. When you have an active social media presence, you are sure to get a large following, which makes you look legit.

Once you have functional social media accounts, you should then link them to your website. Each time a new person visits your website, they can click on these accounts to get more information about you. When customers are redirected to your social media accounts, their confidence will be boosted significantly. This approach will earn you “social proof,” a phenomenon where other people’s behavior influences people.

  •     Blog regularly

Blogging enables you to create new content for your website, which helps boost traffic. The catch with maintaining an active blog is that customers will find you invested in building your brand, which makes it easy for them to trust you. The content you create for blogging should also emphasize the legitimacy of your web page to assure visitors.

It is essential to conduct thorough research on the content you post on your website because people will also rate you based on the quality of content that you put out there. In case you didn’t know, customers consider sites that do not invest in high-quality posts as malicious hence the need to take advantage of blogging. Apart from the text, your blog should also look appealing to draw people to it. Thus, you should leverage attention-catching content to inspire trust on your web page.

  •     Redefine your “About Us” page

The “About Us” is one of the sections on your website that you should craft well because it is the section that offers visitors raw information about your company. A well-developed section should provide a history of the brand for its look and feel authentic. It should also have details on the founder of the site accompanied by the story behind the organization’s establishment. 

Most importantly, it should have vision and mission statements that your company subscribes to. For it to inspire trust, the language and style of writing used should be casual and approachable. Keeping it simple makes it exude a feeling of accessibility and friendliness.


The rise in the e-commerce industry has also elevated cases of e-commerce scams. Therefore, for visitors to trust your site, you should provide them with enough information to make informed decisions. Having legitimate information will work to put customer’s minds at ease.

Tips for Inspiring Trust on Your Website

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