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Tips for Increasing Your eCommerce Sales in 2019

Whether you currently run an online store or plan to launch an e-commerce venture this year, it’s necessary to continually look for ways to improve sales, so you reach your personal and entrepreneurial goals.

While e-commerce is certainly a growing field that isn’t likely to slow down soon, because of the lowered costs involved with entering this field, there is also more competition than ever. As such, it can sometimes be tough getting the number of leads and then sales that you’d like. Read on for some key tips to help you boost your numbers in the coming months.

Understand Who You’re Targeting and How You Can Cater to Them

It’s vital that you understand exactly who you’re targeting. You can’t just hope to reach anyone and everyone; instead, it’s about selecting one or a few customer types and doing everything you can to fully cater to them.

You must have the right kinds of products or services to suit the needs and wants of these consumers and then create content, including product listings, newsletters, advertisements and website pages like About Us and FAQs, which appeal to the people you want to sell to. The more targeted you can be, the better.

Get clear on the people you’re selling to and things like their family status, professional life, socioeconomic standing, hobbies, the times of day they like to shop, how quickly they need deliveries and more. Collect sales intelligence about key demographics to help you hone your pitches and offerings. In addition, research what’s already being sold, and how, and find ways to be different. You need to provide a benefit to your customers or solve a problem for them that no one else is currently doing.

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Ensure Your Site Is Operating Optimally

When it comes to maximizing sales, you won’t get far unless you have a site that’s operating optimally. There are many factors to consider in this arena. For example, the design of your site needs to be such that it’s appealing to your target market and not too cluttered or unprofessional looking. Use an easy-to-read font in a decent size, so people don’t have to squint to read, and break words up with quality graphics.

Your site needs to load quickly across each page as people simply won’t wait around for pages to load. The online store should be mobile-friendly as increasing numbers of shoppers browse and buy on their smartphones and tablets. You don’t want to be missing out on customers because your storefront doesn’t work properly across all devices.

The navigation of your eCommerce website is another key factor. Make sure people can easily see how to move about from one page to the next and locate what they’re looking for, whether product listings, delivery information, Add to Cart and Checkout Now buttons or other.

Provide Numerous Payment Options via a Secure Checkout

Next, provide numerous payment options to your customers as people expect to be able to choose the transaction type that best suits their needs. For instance, enable people to pay via methods like credit and debit cards (and a variety of these, including AMEX and Discover), gift cards, PayPal and mobile wallets like Apple Pay. If your business sells things such as monthly box deliveries or other wares which people order on a recurring basis, also offer direct debit.

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In addition, make use of a reliable, trusted merchant services provider for your payments, one that customers can feel safe using. You don’t want payments to be redirected to another site as people often worry about security when they’re taken away from the website they want to purchase from.

Help People to Trust Your Site

Lastly, take steps to make it easy for people to trust your site. With so many cybersecurity concerns, customers need to feel like your site is legitimate and run by a real business that isn’t just out to defraud them. You can increase trust by displaying numerous product reviews and testimonials that other shoppers have given you.

In addition, showcase signs of credibility such as site seals (e.g. for Visa, PayPal, well-known SSL providers or merchant services firms, and participation in shopping and customer service programs, like the BBB Accredited Business group. Make it easy for customers to see how to contact you if they have questions or concerns. For example, enable people to call, email you and engage in Live Chat.

Tips for Increasing Your eCommerce Sales in 2019


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