The Why, When, & How of Upgrading from AdSense
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The Why, When, & How of Upgrading from AdSense

Whether you’re looking to upgrade from AdSense or diversify your revenue stream with more ad networks, you have our full support. It’s no secret many publishers don’t earn what they want–no matter how hard they try. So rather than wasting your efforts, upgrading is a simple solution. 

Upgrading from AdSense can be tricky if you don’t consider a few critical factors. We’ve laid out the essentials you need to be sure you don’t take two steps back. Let’s explore.  

Why Upgrading Has its Benefits

Chances are, if you’ve wandered into this blog, you’re already considering the move. Let’s face it. We all know AdSense has its limitations–small demand pool, scarce ad type options, lack of control over ads, transparency. Thankfully, there are plenty of options available that can resolve some of these issues. But if you’re uncertain, here are quite a few intriguing reasons to find a new ad manager:

  • Better transparency into the bids, winning bids, and the value of your ad units
  • More control over the ad types and layouts available; not to mention more ad types to work with
  • Increased revenue from more demand partners

When’s the Right Time 

Peculiar to think that upgrading from AdSense might require a timeline–but if you want to play it smart, it should. Consumer behavior and advertiser budgeting shift variously throughout the year, creating seasonal trends. You’re directly in the middle of the two as a publisher, meaning your ad revenue will face fluctuation. 

Lucky for you, we’re aware of these patterns. To sum it up, we know some quarters of the year will be high-yielding, whereas others will be low-yielding. Attempting to switch during a high-yielding month puts your earnings at risk. On the other hand, changing providers during a low-yielding quarter will have a more negligible effect on profit. 

Therefore, avoid making any moves during quarter 4 (October, November, December). Advertisers spend heavily during the holiday season, and you don’t want to miss out on those premium campaign rates! Instead, aim to upgrade in quarter 1 (January, February, March); January specifically is where advertisers spend the least money. 

How to go About it  

A powerful way to go about finding an alternative is to revisit why you’re looking for one. We mentioned numerous reasons why publishers break away from the industry titan, but what’s yours?

For example, if increased revenue tops your list, finding a network with a competitive demand-supply will be necessary. But if the overall look and feel of how ads are integrated into your website matter, then you’ll want to prioritize having options and control. Once you’ve honed in on what you’re looking for, start your research! Just a few key factors to consider when looking at alternatives are:

  • The compensation model offered (CPC, CPM, etc.)
  • The types of ads offered, as well as the control you’ll have over them
  • The quantity and quality of the network stack offered 

To avoid frustration (and possible disappointment), be sure to have a competitive website to offer. Stand out to advertisers by providing solid traffic metrics and website quality. In the same vein, networks will likely have set requirements, so remember to meet those too. 

Finding a New Network

Getting started shouldn’t be intimidating but exciting. You are, after all, on course to make more money. Though we can’t tell you precisely what you need, we can point you in the direction of some quality networks:

  • AdSterra 
  • Monumetric
  • Ad Maven
  • Media.Net

Upgrading to header bidding

Seldom do solutions exist that work to answer all our problems–but header bidding is pretty close. Header bidding is an advanced programmatic technique that simultaneously auctions off ad units to various ad networks. These providers offer access to an ample supply of advertisers since they work with multiple networks. So rather than looking for the best ad networks yourself, you can rest easy knowing they’ve done that for you. The increase in competition has reportedly increased publishers’ CPM’s by as much as 50%. 

In addition to more demand partners, they often offer revenue-generating solutions that help with profit maximization. From assisting with page load speed to fully optimizing ad layout, header bidding certainly has its perks. 

For small to medium websites hitting 30,000 unique visitors per month, Newor Media is a great header bidding provider. They offer a pretty seamless transition and do a lot of the heavy lifting for the less tech-savvy. The company does not require exclusivity, meaning if you’d like to keep AdSense (or another network you’re fond of), they’ll work to integrate them into your stack. Publishers also benefit from the various services they provide, such as:

  • Ad layout optimization
  • Consent management platform
  • Ad-blocking solutions

The options are out there for any publishers looking to upgrade from AdSense. Hopefully, understanding the why, when and how, will put you on the path to an easy and profitable move. 

The Why, When, & How of Upgrading from AdSense

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