The Ultimate Guide to Headless Commerce
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The Ultimate Guide to Headless Commerce

2020 was the year of headless commerce. It swept off the online retailers by their feet. 62% of e-commerce executives admitted that headless commerce significantly improves engagement and conversions. So they began to use it to their advantage.

More and more shopping is happening outside of the traditional website like mobile, social, or IoT channels. So it’s high time for e-commerce platforms to adopt these new technologies and in a reasonable time.

So, what is headless commerce, does it have any benefits, and why should you consider going headless. I will cover each of these in today’s blog. Let’s dive in.

What is Headless Commerce? 

Headless commerce lets you store, manage, and deliver content without the front-end delivery layer. Instead, it separates the front-end presentation layer from the website’s back-end eCommerce functionality.

The purpose is to create opportunities for creative building. Brands can provide a customer experience that meets their specific needs by splitting the front and back ends.

Headless commerce doesn’t utilize the same technology on the front and back end of the website. On the front-end, you can go for a technology that offers customizable, quality content experiences. While on the back-end, go for a solution that manages your e-commerce functionality.

Here, front-end developers can get creative with the presentation of the content, while back-end ones use APIs to deliver it to devices.

Headless commerce makes it easy to manage website elements like forms, blogs, banners, and products. That too with complete control. It uses APIs to pass requests between the application and presentation layers of the website.

What Are The Benefits of Headless Commerce? 

  1. Control Over Site Architecture

Content management and its delivery application environments get separated. The decoupling of the front and back end gives us more control over the website.

Headless commerce is ideal for brands that are happy with their front-end solution but need more functionality on the back-end. But, of course, it could be vice-versa too.

You will be able to keep the technology that works for you and change those that arent’ working.

  1. Makes The Website More User-Friendly

Wouldn’t it be better that your employees understand how to access and update the front-end of your website? Hence, for that reason, avoid those technologies that have a steep learning curve. Keep things simple.

But if you don’t want to do that, don’t worry, as headless commerce lets you have the best of both worlds.

Here is what you can do. First, keep the front end easy to access and update for your employees while using innovative technologies for the back-end of your website.

Your website will be more user-friendly without sacrificing innovation. All of this is possible only due to headless commerce.

  1. Be More Creative

Remember one thing, that customers want personalization. Hence, you will need tools to create a custom shopping experience that is unique to your brand.

Also, you will need application programming interfaces that enable you to offer this experience across different channels, that too consistently.

You can test new technology with headless commerce. Developers will get the liberty of being creative, and they won’t have any restrictions on a traditional CMS.

The front-end of most websites is the template or theme that customers see when they visit the website.

Headless commerce lets developers connect a CMS, DXP, or IoT, which they can use to create content that provides outstanding customer experiences. You won’t find this flexibility anywhere else.

  1. Saves Time

While front-end updates are quick and easy, the back-end ones take more time and skill.

Headless commerce separates the two, which saves developers time on user interface adjustments. In addition, implementing headless templates makes this process even faster.

By adjusting front-end experiences with ease, your business will be able to react quickly to the latest market trends.

APIs can get used in delivering content anywhere as headless commerce platforms store content centrally. In addition, this method is quicker compared to what traditional e-commerce platforms allow.

All of this contributes to the excellent customer experience.

  1. Improve Customer Satisfaction

Headless commerce makes the front-end updates occur instantly. It wasn’t possible with traditional commerce architecture, where such changes would take hours to get live for the customers.

Due to headless commerce’s customization abilities, developers now control every aspect of the consumer experience.

Hence, businesses can get creative with every element of their user interface. Create a unique design that customers will remember for years to come.

Headless commerce also creates a seamless experience for customers across all devices and viewing formats. You won’t have to worry about responsive design anymore.

Why Should You Consider Going Headless? 

  1. Improves Your Website’s Core Functionalities

Google updated the algorithm in June 2020. Now it puts more emphasis on page speed. Hence, your website’s core functionalities play an essential part in what Google’s algorithm assesses when ranking your page.

You have to ensure that your website loads faster. It is possible with headless commerce.

Headless commerce separates the front and back end. Website videos and search engines can access the site with only front-end loaded. It will boost page speed and improve your website’s overall metrics.

  1. Capture Mobile Spending

Mobile spending will hit approx $270 billion by 2025.

With headless commerce, online retailers can capture mobile spending.

Businesses can create customized, personalized mobile buying experiences and social commerce features that boost conversion while keeping the back-end as it is.

Headless commerce lets you sell wherever your customers are looking to purchase, and it won’t impact the back-end of your website.

Ultimately, everything depends on your e-commerce goals. If the outcomes I have shared here align with your goals, then go for it.


With headless commerce, retailers can enhance the customer experience. So it’s high time to explore the headless solution if you haven’t done it yet. This innovation will change the e-commerce realm forever, and you should not miss it.

E-commerce retailers need to think strategically about accessing all the different channels while simultaneously providing high-quality experiences to their customers. Connected devices and new digital touchpoints are taking over the markets.

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The Ultimate Guide to Headless Commerce

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