The Ultimate Guide to Corporate Gift Ideas

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Corporate gifts have become an important part of working relationships in the past years, and it is important to consider them to keep your employees and customers happy.

Also, to motivate your employees, corporate gifts are a proven way to boost business sales, and that’s certainly a rewarding way to get results.

This article will discuss the most important reasons for giving corporate gifts, but we’ll also introduce you to some unique client gift ideas.

Employee Gifts

When to give corporate gifts?

The most obvious answer to this question for many would-be anytime. Well, that’s not incorrect. However, there are key moments when to give corporate gifts, and you should play with those moments.

For instance, the company’s conferences are key moments to give corporate gift ideas for employees or clients. Imagine introducing new procedures, new positions, or more, and ending the conference with a gift? That’s where your peers will like it very much.

Other than that, you can give a gift to your employees at the end of the peak season to thank them for their hard work. For example, if you work in the tourism industry, you can give your employees a corporate gift around September when the peak season comes to an end.

To sum up, think about the key moments in your company, whether it’s a company event or even a new season coming up, you will certainly make your employees and clients very happy.

Should I personalize gifts?

Personalized Gift

This is a question that many employers ask themselves and should be doing. Personalized company gifts are a great way to give something unique that you and no other company will only give.

Besides, and as Gemnote mentioned, they will indirectly advertise your company and automatically increase your reputation.

Having a personalized gift will make it more unique and appreciated than a normal gift from the box that many people already have.

What types of corporate gift ideas for clients and employees are acceptable?

Most of the corporate gift ideas are acceptable, and you should often use your logical sense to decide what’s best for your employees and their needs.

The best 5 corporate gift ideas for employees

The most common types of corporate gifts are tech ones, fashion accessories, desk accessories, items of everyday use, and many more. Please stick with us until the end to check out our recommended 5 corporate gift ideas for employees.

Lastly, gift cards are also acceptable and nice to receive. Many companies give gift cards to thank their employees for their hard work when winning team challengings or other rewards.

The best 5 corporate gift ideas for employees

There are certainly way more corporate gift ideas than on this list. However, these are some of the best corporate gift ideas for employees and clients you can give.

GoPro HERO8 – $399.99

This action camera is probably one of the best tools for taking videos to improve your eCommerce business.

GoPro products are some of the best tech tools on the market, and the HERO8 is the action camera to give to your action.

Apple Airpods – $249.99

Apple Airpods

Apple has brought one of the most revolutionary cell phone accessories to the market, and it is something to check out in case you want to impress your employees or customers.

Besides looking great, the Airpods have active noise cancellation and amazing audio quality that makes them perfect both inside the office and outside.

Larq Water Bottle – $95.00

While many water bottles on the market come at a lower price, we highly recommend the Larq water bottle.

It purifies water in only 60 seconds, it is self-cleaning, and ultimately, it will save tons of plastic which is fantastic for the planet.

Everlane ReNew Transit Backpack – $78.00

Everlane ReNew Transit Backpack

A backpack is another one of the best corporate gift ideas. Every employee needs a backpack to carry his laptop to work, fresh clothes, or simply his headphones, and Everlane’s backpack responds to every possible necessity.

It is beautifully designed, fits men and women, and has a lot of room inside to carry everything you can think of.


Tile Slim – $29.99


Tile Slim

Last on this list comes the fantastic Slim from Tile.

Tile advertises amazing Bluetooth trackers that will help your employees and customers find their lost belongings.

To sum up, Tile’s Slim is one of the best corporate gift ideas for employees, and that also comes at a reasonable price, which is always good.

The Ultimate Guide to Corporate Gift Ideas

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