The Perfect Recipe to Build Backlinks Easily!

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The Perfect Recipe to Build Backlinks Easily!

“Backlinks are critical factors for pushing your site to the top rank,” claim thousands of SEO specialists worldwide. “Once you are done with your web design Toronto process, leveraging the designed website with the SEO efforts. The most crucial of all strategies is backlink building strategy.” There are a number of recipes through which we can build backlinks. Here we are mentioning the most effective of all: 

Step 1: Search For The Targeted Keywords

For instance,

“Search your keyword ‘Shopify Development’ and open the first link you encounter. 

Step 2: Look for Backlink Opportunities

It is now time to locate the backlinks generated by that content. Again, you may use either paid or free tools for this.

Ubersuggest is Free (By Neil Patel)

The free edition of backlink discovery does not provide in-depth analysis. I’ve been waiting for an hour for it to show the findings, but it’s still buffering:

Ahrefs is Paid

The Paid tool works flawlessly. It provides detailed insights in less than a second. 

Step 3: Make An Excel Spreadsheet

Now that we have a thorough list of backlinks, we can develop an excel sheet for our convenience, with particularly useful elements such as Name, URL, Contact Details, Status, and so on.

Step 4: Send Emails

For example, we can see that there are just three individuals we need to send emails to. As a result, sending them emails individually is pretty simple. However, when we need to contact a large number of websites, we must employ email sending software such as:

    • Ninja Outreach 
    • GMASS 
    • Buzzstream 


You must choose the best words & sentences for framing an email script. 

Step 5: Conduct Regular Follow-Ups

After sending emails to your clients, you should continue with the follow-ups. Some customers will respond on the first attempt, but this is not the case for everyone. As a result, you’ll need to schedule regular follow-ups.


    • Stay away from the sites that offer free backlinks like Fiverr & SEOClerks.
    • One must not use PBN links. It will get a penalty for your site. 


  • What’s the distinction between backlinks and internal links?

Building links on external sites is what we mean by backlinks. However, internal linking is essentially the technique of connecting one page of a website to another.

  • Every time I venture out to discover the backlink opportunities, I spend a long time looking for contact information. Is there a simple method for me to accomplish this?

Yes, there is an easy way. First, one can add ‘Email Hunter Extension’ to chrome. Then, it will automatically fetch the contact details from a given website.

  • Can I build links to any website?

No! One must provide a link to a website related to their niche. 

Google will not consider it good if you offer gym equipment and contact a kids’ clothes site for link building.

Final Comments!

Building Backlinks is important for any website aiming to rank on the 1st page of the SERP. But one must have qualified and the relevant backlinks. There are many techniques to build backlinks, but the one I’ve outlined in this article is simple, requires little effort, and yields excellent results.

The Perfect Recipe to Build Backlinks Easily!

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