The Next Big SEO: High Quality Link Building & Guest Posting

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SEO enthusiasts must have read, there are over 200 signals that help a page rank better in search results. And for those who haven’t, this article is meant to deliver one of the most effective ways to rank better.

Content, links, keywords, and technical aspects are some of the most commonly practiced SEO tactics. Having said that, the immediate question that should pop up in your mind is what about the rest of the signals?

In this article, we shall be discussing some of these next-level SEO practices.

Did You Check The Reading Score Of Your Content?

SEO specialists like Neil Patel, and publications like Search Engine Journal, have been updating a lot about content optimization. Other than keyword optimization, what is it that you can do? Well, there’s a lot, to begin with.

It is noteworthy that Google’s algorithm is programmed to promote easily readable content to the top. Some of the top link building packages and programs suggest that when you publish your content do ensure it’s Flesch reading score. A higher readability score means more user retention on the page and therefore better ranking in the search results.

Another factor that Google’s algorithm considers while ranking your content is niche relevancy, with the content you link your pages to. Both inbound and outbound links are taken into consideration while ranking your pages in search results.

Is Your Content Consistent?

By now, you must have understood how niche relevancy of backlinks can help rank your content better. The next thing you need to focus on is the consistency of your content. In other words, the content you publish either on your domain or on a linked domain should be in continuation of the same niche.

Let us understand how. If the content on your page is about men’s grooming trends, then the subsequent publications should also be focused around the same topic idea. Additionally, if you include some of the keywords from your previous content into the new one, the chances for organic ranking are highly increased.

This not only holds true to your on-site content but also the content you publish through guest posting.

Are You Building Your Link-Pyramid?

One of the most crucial signals is for better ranking is the extent of backlinks your content receives. Simply stated, your backlinks are traced up to three tiers in order to assess the niche relevancy for your content.

What you need to do is create a pyramid of links for your content. If you go for a highly reputable guest posting service, it is very likely that the program would suggest building backlinks for your backlinks, and thus building a backlink.

A simple explanation for the importance of link pyramids can be found in the former two SEO strategies. As you may already know, links act as silent votes for your content and also help crawlers understand the niche your website operates in, link pyramids help domains linked to you in a similar manner. Thus a higher authority for your backlinks translates an improved authority for your website as well.


If you’ve been following the article carefully, you must have understood the importance of high-quality content by now. And as it is said, content is the true king, it is indeed the contextual presentation of information that helps you achieve those last steps to top ranks.

The Next Big SEO: High Quality Link Building & Guest Posting

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