The Must-Have Shopify Apps For 2021
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The Must-Have Shopify Apps For 2021

Shopify has become the most popular eCommerce platform, currently powering more than 800,000 digital stores. Shopify acts as a medium to sell your services or products by either using your own website or Shopify POS. Shopify has features tailored for various audiences and catering to everyone’s needs, from a beginner to an expert. 

To make your store management easier for you, Shopify has over 4000 apps designed to provide unique features for your store. With these apps’ help, you can quickly and creatively customize your store’s appearance, automate tasks, improve user experience, and do much more. However, as there are so many options to choose from, it can get complicated to decide which app best suits your business. 

As of 2020, most customers prefer to shop online, and the eCommerce industry has grown significantly. The online shopping industry has seen more demand than ever, and the eCommerce stores have to step-up their game to cater to this growing demand. To make the store’s user-experience better, developers have come up with several new apps. These apps can enhance your workflow and will help you to create more conversions. 

In 2021, B2B and B2C industries are preparing for new trends that are likely to emerge this year. According to a study, more than 26.28 percent of the total world population are online shoppers in 2020. Another research suggests that in 2020, eCommerce sales saw a growth of 32.4%, and Amazon saw 39.1 % sales growth. To handle these new trends well, every eCommerce store owner needs to upgrade their stores and provide a better end-user experience. 

Some of the Shopify apps that can help boost your stores’ productivity and sales are as follows.

Shop for Good by DailyKarma is a Shopify app that increases e-commerce sales and strengthens brand loyalty through marketing. This award-winning app integrates seamlessly with Shopify stores and lets you launch give-back campaigns in minutes.

By leveraging a robust suite of cause marketing campaigns, stores can amplify existing strategies and stand out from competitors — all by inviting customers to make a difference every time they purchase. All the funds collected through the app are disbursed to the nonprofits selected by the store.

Shop for Good offers the following benefits to e-commerce brands:

  • A 15% average boost in AOV for stores inviting customers to add donations to their orders.
  • Multiple ways to give back and branded widgets to mix & match depending on your sales and mission goals.
  • The ability to communicate with relevancy and do good — show customers you share their values and respond to world events by quickly launching profitable yet thoughtful campaigns.
  • Display your fundraising in real-time with Shop for Good’s Impact Tracker.
  • Support up to 20 nonprofits at a time.
  • Prompt Email Support, Advanced Conversion Analytics, and more to help you consistently delight customers and elevate your mission-driven brand.


magnalister is a Shopify app that helps you connect the eCommerce store to various sales-increasing marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Etsy, and many more. It can automatically list your products and services to several marketplaces for a wider reach. The app can also create a follow-up process to automatically manage orders, invoices, and shipping information between your eCommerce store and connected marketplaces.

It is an easy-to-install app that can quickly integrate with your store to start working. Few reasons that you should choose Magnalister are:

  • Directly upload articles from the eCommerce store to marketplaces.
  • Import all the orders from the marketplaces to the eCommerce store automatically. 
  • Monitor the progress of an order and compare its delivery status. 
  • Manage all the orders, inventory, and invoices centrally through the app.
  • Always keep your inventory up to date between shop and marketplaces with stock and price synchronization.

Custom Product Builder

Custom Product Builder is a Shopify product customizer app developed by Buildateam. The CPB plugin allows online shoppers to customize products in any way they want and see a live preview right away. With this plugin’s help, you can sell personalized and customized products by adjusting the product’s components and adding pictures and text while also influencing the price

of the complete product. You can list the modification and customization add-ons separately and let the customer decide what they want. 

Some of the key features of Custom Product Builder are:

  • Customizable design to match the style of the Shopify store.
  • The customer can see a breakdown of the final price according to the customizations selected.
  • Ability to offer discounts based on the purchased quantities. 
  • Various customization options, such as image thumbnails, text thumbnails, dropdowns, image upload, monograms, text areas.
  • Complex conditional logic for hiding / displaying options based on previous selections.

Ahia! ‑ Easy Price Changer

Ahia is a Shopify app that helps you quickly change the product’s prices on an eCommerce store. It is a great tool to automatically adjust the prices of thousands of products on your website during a sale or promotion. The Price Intel Tools will offer you the best moment to schedule a promotion, and more tools will be released this year. 

With this app, you can do the following:

  • Choose the products you want to reprice according to different categories and schedule the price change.
  • Automatically round up the prices to the nearest 0.99 value.
  • Add tags to the products whose prices are changed to keep track of them. 
  • Ahia allows you to revert the changed prices to the original prices automatically after a selected time. 
  • You can use the compare price feature to show both your old and discounted prices. This will let your customer know about ongoing sales.

WonderPush Cart Push Recovery

WonderPush Cart Push Recovery helps you set up Shopify Push Notifications for your Shopify eCommerce store. These notifications are a great way to re-engage the customers and prompt them back to the website. The company provides a step-to-step guide on how to install the app on your store for easy access. 

Some of this app’s features are:

  • Its Real-time analytics will provide you a clear idea about how consumers interact with your eCommerce store Shopify push notifications.
  • The app has several Rich Formats to customize the Shopify Push Notifications. 
  • You can Automate several processes to make your life easier. 
  • You can segment your customers into different categories for easy management.
  • Its User-Friendly API is easy-to-understand and requires no technical skills to operate.


All of these apps can help you optimize your eCommerce store for performance. In this competitive industry, every eCommerce store owner must optimize their stores for a better consumer experience. To engage the customer, the store must provide what they are looking for, or else they’ll move on to your competition, which will cost you valuable business. 

The Must-Have Shopify Apps For 2021

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