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The Latest Mobile App UI and UX Trends Set to Rule in 2019

Innovation in technology enhances mobile phone capabilities. Besides, mobile phones are the most significant enabler of technology. Be it innovations in wearable technology or digital communication; every business sector nowadays is closely linked to mobile phones.

This impact is also visible in the change of mobile app development trends, since mobile phones are a combination of software and hardware, and the shift in device ultimately impact the software applications associated with it.


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Last year, Apple updated its operating system, launching iOS 12. In this launch, they introduced many features that made iPhones faster and responsive, enhanced the speed of Camera’s swipe by 70%, and made keyboard appear 50% faster. All these improvements also impacted iPhone app development.

In 2018, Google-backed Kotlin, and announced it as the new Android Programming language. After this announcement, all the major mobile apps such as Uber and others migrated their Java applications to Kotlin.

When it comes to the mobile app development process, the significant burden comes on User Interface and User Experience Designers. It is because ultimately, it the UI and UX designers who bear the major brunt of the changes in technology; it is their responsibility not to let the change impact the customers’ journey of the product.

In 2019, here are some changes that most of the UI and UX designers must ready to witness.

Mobile App UI and UX Trends for 2019

Here is a new list of latest UI and UX trends that most of the designers are going to experience in 2019.

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1. Declutter Visuals

When a technology is new, people become more interested in exploring the extent of the technology. Once the dust is settled down, people return to features and functions that are convenient. Now that Smartphones have expanded its reach far and wide and for long, users are more interested in features and services that are relevant.

2. Accelerated Mobile Pages

This trend is going to dominate the year 2019 that makes it easier and faster to browse websites on mobile applications. AMP releases the burden on the website owners to create mobile apps for their users. However, UI and UX designers have the responsibility to make the user experience smooth and pleasant at the same time.

3. Video

The app designing strategy has been highly revolutionized in recent years. Lately, in 2018, text format in content has been replaced by short videos that provide an exclusive glimpse of the app and does not stress the users to read every bit of the text to understand what the app is all about. Video content is also an excellent format for the users who have a short attention span and also not proficient with the English language.

4. Gesture Recognition

This is the latest Apple iPhone UI/UX trend that has affected many iOS app developers. The developers and designers must work together to create intuitive in-app gestures that deliver the seamless user experience. It is an opportunity for the mobile app development company to create a unique identity for the brand through gesture-based user experience.

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5. Artificial Intelligence

According to Accenture, AI is the new digital spokesperson of the company. And so, for the mobile app development companies, it is imperative to create apps that deliver excellent user experience beyond the limitations of back-end tools and bring AI into the center of interface creation. The use of AI will make the interfaces smarter and more straightforward, therefore raising the bar of future experiences.

6. Augmented Reality

As the digital transformation is spreading its wings, top companies like Apple and Google have launched their AR development platforms (ARKit and ARCore). Since a good AR experience integrates the digital and physical worlds seamlessly, app developers and designers must work in coordination to develop apps that interact with the real-world environment interactively. Developers can utilize different approaches to AR UI, such as:

  • All the UI elements are fixed to screen space
  • AR UI relates to the physical world of the users’ environment
  • UI triggers in the real-world space

Using these approaches, app designers can come up with interactive, user-friendly app designs.

7. Sleek Gradient Effect

Color gradients are one of the crucial aspects of mobile app designs. From the time, Instagram has switched to bright colored flat icon from classic Polaroid camera, color gradients have become one again in focus among app designers and mobile app development companies.

There are various types of color gradients that are used in designing mobile apps, such as:

  • Linear Gradient
  • Diagonal Gradient
  • Vertical Gradient
  • Background Gradient
  • Multi-level, multi-angle overlay
  • The functional, sleek gradient effect
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App designers can use a variety of tools to browse the colors and create the desired effect for their application.

8. Custom Digital Illustrations

To make the apps more appealing to the users, app designers are coming up with engaging digital illustrations. The illustrations enhance the visual appeal and provide a pleasant experience to the users. Today, app designers use a variety of icons, mascots, and pictures to improve the look and feel of UI designs, which helps to make the models more accessible for people facing a hard time comprehending the text.


Mobile app UI and UX trends exhibit the trends in emerging technologies and users’ tastes and preferences. In 2019, it was likely that these trends will dominate the mobile app development industry, and app developers have to use these trends and technologies in a way to convey emotions and value in a clutter-free way.


Bhupendra Choudhary is Business Head of Field Titan – a leading field service management software company. He has extensive experience in providing intelligent business solutions for field service and field sales domain through field sales management software. A product thinker, he collaborates with industry leaders to understand business challenges and facilitate technology solutions for the same.

The Latest Mobile App UI and UX Trends Set to Rule in 2019

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