The Importance of M-Commerce for Online Stores

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According to m-commerce statistics, smartphones are the most popular devices for online shopping, which has led to the expansion of mobile commerce. Mobile commerce allows people to shop on the go. It also helps businesses stay in touch with customers who prefer using their phones to desktop devices. That’s why m-commerce is important to keep the online business running.

M-Commerce Allows for Great Customer Experience

By creating the app as an extension of the official online store, you enable your customers to reach you 24/7. In addition, mobile apps are fast and provide a way to incorporate other tools like mobile payments, chatbots, and voice search. M-commerce also helps you simplify the checkout process and improve customer retention.

Push Notifications Are a New Marketing Channel

There are many benefits to using push notifications in your mobile app. The first one is a one-click subscription where customers can subscribe to your notifications without sharing their emails. This lets you handle retargeting and increases your conversion rate. Push notifications also help with building brand awareness. With these notifications, you can send a message and know that your customer will open it and read it.

Mobile App Lets You Utilize the Latest Trends

The latest trends in m-commerce include adding AR tools to help customers decide on the product. Ikea and Sephora are already utilizing augmented reality apps to complement their mobile commerce. Progressive web apps are another new approach to m-commerce, where the mobile app mirrors the look of your website.

Improved Payment Options for Customers

According to estimates, 22% of global sales will be conducted online by 2023. This increases the importance of mobile payment systems. Customers want something available and simple. Combining mobile wallets and m-commerce allows for simple payment solutions that will also help reduce checkout abandonment rates.
What to Pay Attention To

While m-commerce is an excellent way of reaching more customers and increasing ROI, there are several things to keep in mind.

There’s a Constant Need for Optimization

Developing a mobile app means that you or your team will have to work on it continuously. There’s always a new trend to include or an issue that customers face, which calls for another update.

Price Comparison Is Easier

Customers don’t have to go from store to store anymore to compare prices. All they have to do is switch between apps to find the best deal. Since this consumer behavior directly affects your business, you’ll have to monitor your competition and offer better deals.

The App Needs to Comply With Many Regulations

Regardless of the location of your customers, you collect data via your m-commerce app. This means that you’ll have to be aware of the latest regulations regarding data collection and privacy.


M-commerce is excellent for improving your online presence. It boosts your reach and enables you to deliver great customer service. M-commerce allows for faster payments and lets you utilize push notifications as another marketing channel. Combine m-commerce with the power of AR and the latest mobile payment options, and you will improve ROI for your business.

The Importance of M-Commerce for Online Stores

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