The Importance of Having a Strong Digital Marketing Campaign During a Crisis

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Most digital marketing campaigns are designed with a certain amount of flexibility in mind. They can adapt to changing consumer preferences, product updates, and feedback gained through analytics. However, what happens during a major crisis or so-called “act of god”? As the recent COVID-19 outbreak has clearly illustrated, the concept of “business as usual” is no longer relevant. This is why bespoke approaches to digital marketing are even more important during times of upheaval. Let us look at some of the primary reasons why this is the case.

The Critical Role of Communication –

One of the main advantages of a solid digital marketing campaign is that it will enable businesses to keep in touch with their client base.

This is crucial in times of crisis, as an organization that can effectively engage with its specific audience is much more likely to build a strong brand reputation over time. Furthermore, proactive engagement is an excellent way to determine if an ongoing marketing plan is performing as expected. Assuming that a company fosters this type of engagement, its clients will remain loyal when things begin returning normally.

Consumers Still Need Products and Services –

Take a moment to imagine if this recent global pandemic would have occurred during the 1970s or 1980s. As the Internet did not yet exist, how would individuals purchase everyday essentials? Not only would the logistics have been nearly impossible, but the chances are high that fewer products would be available at any given time.

Thanks to the online e-commerce community, buyers can still procure whatever it is that they happen to be looking for. Of course, we are not only referring to staple items in this sense. But, interestingly enough, even niche products can be purchased and subsequently delivered with a single swipe of the finger. These are some reasons why start-up businesses that can connect with their audience should perform well during any crisis.

Decreased Competition –

Many articles have focused upon the increased level of online competition resulting from the recent pandemic. While this is true to an extent, we also need to remember that not every company possesses the financial means (or the insight) to redirect its efforts toward the digital community. This reduction in ad spend may actually lead to decreased levels of competition as smaller digital businesses flounder. Thus, developing a strong and well-funded online marketing campaign is an excellent way to rise head and shoulders above similar firms.

The Ability to Adapt to Changing Consumer Demands –

Consumer shopping habits have certainly changed during the past 18 months. This is not necessarily referring to the products and services themselves, but rather how they are procured. Shoppers are no longer focused on finding the lowest prices. Instead, they are just as keen to discover a business that appreciates their personal needs and posts regular service-oriented updates on social media.

In truth, this trend is nothing new. Marketing specialists began to stress the power of personalization a handful of years ago, particularly due to the rise of millennial shoppers. The current health crisis has served to reinforce these observations. So stated, businesses should begin developing a unique “brand experience” instead of dedicating their efforts to mass marketing campaigns. Resonating with a niche demographic is a sure-fire way to enjoy a higher return on investment (ROI) over time.

Real-Time Marketing Analyses –

Brick-and-mortar approaches to marketing are often challenging since the results are not seen overnight. It takes time and insight to appreciate if a strategy is working, and as a result, mistakes can be made. This is certainly not the case in terms of digital marketing.

Strong digital marketing campaigns will provide results in real-time scenarios. Here are some of the metrics which can be tracked:

  • The number of inbound hits to a website.
  • Page bounce rates.
  • Which advertisements are garnering the most attention?
  • Which products are the most popular (as well as those that should be removed)?
  • Buyer personas (such as age, gender, location, and spending habits).

Appreciating these and similar factors will allow a business to adjust its marketing strategies when needed proactively. Furthermore, this is the best way to correct small problems before they evolve into major concerns.

Crisis and Opportunity: Birds of a Feather –

We can now see that there is plenty of room for growth if businesses are willing and able to create a strong marketing campaign. As with any crisis, the current global health situation will sooner or later come to an end. The only question remaining involves which businesses can supersede this turmoil to become the “digital” pack leaders.

Author Bio: Conor O’Flynn of O’Flynn Medical has utilized digital marketing to help O’Flynn Medical become an industry leader in medical equipment in Ireland and the U.K.

The Importance of Having a Strong Digital Marketing Campaign During a Crisis

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