The Future Of Online Learning – Learning Trends to Focus on in 2021

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The Future Of Online Learning - Learning Trends to Focus on in 2021

Whether you’re a content creator looking for a way to present your new course to a critical audience or someone looking for the best online learning concept, you should learn about the best practices. Ever since we started living in this so-called new normal, we’ve seen the rise of online courses and learning from home or whenever one finds a suitable time. We’re no longer limited by classroom learning and fixed timetable. This trend is here to stay in 2021 and well beyond that. So let’s look into some of the current online learning trends everyone can focus on in 2021.

Courses that are based on the concept of applied learning

Spending hours and hours on theory without any opportunity to apply what you know is an outdated concept of learning. Instead, people will look for courses that are based on applied learning. Although no one is interested in what you know, businesses and potential employers value your proven skills.  Applied learning allows you to learn and practice what you learn. The concept of learn-by-doing is already recognized in India, for example.

The concept of hybrid learning

Just like the word itself already explains, the concept of hybrid learning will combine both the traditional and modern learning methods. Hybrid learning is also referred to as blended learning. This concept combines both in-person teaching and learning and online learning over Zoom or prerecorded lessons. This will give students control over their learning process by relying on online resources, peer collaboration, learning resources.

Even though this concept is already known as distance learning, where students don’t have to attend lectures but choose to learn from a distance, this was an option available at many universities. Today, due to the pandemic, this will be a preferred method of many. Students proved that they could give equal results like those who used to attend lectures. People had no choice during the pandemic but to learn from a distance in a socially distant world. This trend is here to stay, especially with the rise of the edtech industry.

Personalized and dynamic learning experience

Since the learning process does not have to be limited by a classroom or any other outdated concept, educators have additional tools to make the experience unique and personalized. Automation is the future of learning, both in the classroom and online. Educators will use different tools to replace manual work and design lessons that are engaging and personalized. By making education personalized, students will follow lessons at their own pace. In other words, if lessons are available on an online platform, each student will be able to follow the curriculum at their own pace and return to a lesson they struggle with. At the same time, each educator will get an insight into each student’s progress so they will be able to instruct each student on the topics they struggle with. This will make their teaching approach personalized and make it easier for every party involved to reach success.

People will look for courses that are officially recognized.

The rise of e-learning made it possible for many people to have an online course today, but the majority aren’t even recognized. Whether a person is looking for a course to learn something new or build a new career path, they will look for an officially recognized one. If you’re looking for a new career in your country, invest in a nationally recognized course. For example, people in Australia are interested in National Health & Safety College because it is recognized and approved by the Australian government regulator. If you want to relocate and build your career in another country, look for a widely recognized course. So, do your research and invest only in online courses that are officially recognized.

Mobile-based learning

It comes as no surprise that mobile-based learning will be a trend to focus on in 2021. This means that courses should be equally accessible on mobile devices like tablets and smartphones. Just like the websites are optimized for mobile use, the courses should be hosted on platforms optimized for mobile use. Sometimes students don’t have an alternative because almost everyone ones a phone, but not all households have several computers. Additionally, people are always on the go, so having the option to access courses or course materials over your phone will make learning accessible.

Video learning

Students, professionals, or anyone else who wants to learn will be interested in video-based learning concepts. Every course can be prerecorded. A transcript accompanies each lesson for those who want to highlight important aspects. For those who want to self-assess their retention, there are video notes as well. Questions and homework can be added to video notes which makes video learning as efficient as traditional learning.

Video-based learning is based on a prerecorded video which means that the content creator puts a lot of thought into the content. Each video lesson will be interesting, engaging and smart, and pre-planned. No one will risk improvising a lesson because that can affect the school’s reputation or the institution offering a video-based learning course.

Microlearning concept

The concept of microlearning is exciting for professionals who wish to expand their knowledge and learn new skills. UnBut, unfortunately, they often don’t have that much time to spare, and they are also easily bored. The term micro refers to short and engaging video lessons that won’t require too much time. One can watch a few or just one video lesson during their break and go through accompanying study notes or homework afterward. These lessons are usually from 5 to 10 minutes long, making them engaging, and learners can retain more by consuming one short video lesson.

Even though one can certainly argue over the pros and cons of both traditional and online learning concepts, we can agree that having options to choose from is the best option. Some might stick to conventional concepts, while others will go for one of many online learning concepts available. Nonetheless, we’re experiencing a shift in educational practices, and online learning is the future of education.

The Future Of Online Learning – Learning Trends to Focus on in 2021