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5 Amazing Future Trends in Mobile App Development

With more than 180 billion applications downloaded in more than 1 billion mobile phones per year, there is no way one must ignore the process of mobile application development. It is one of the innovative ways to catch attention and help your business grow. The world of mobile applications is certainly dominated by Google applications in the lead and then backed up by Social media applications. Google applications like Maps, Gmail, and search and Social media apps like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and more are the need of every Smartphone. Not only this, businesses like Amazon, Walmart, and Bank of America are using applications for their needs of branding and enhanced customer engagement. 

With exceptional results, it has even convinced the small and midsize companies to follow similar trends. Investing in mobile application development is certainly way more fruitful than even having a responsive website. The process of mobile app development is driven by technology advancements which help the business to work on its vision for the upcoming years. So, if you are thinking about the future trends in mobile application development process we will help you with it. Below mentioned are few of the trends which will certainly be the future of mobile app development process, take a look:

1. Wearable Gadgets

According to recent research, it was noticed that more than 101 million wearable devices were in the cycle which was a big jump from the last few years. Smart devices like Microsoft’s Hololens and Apple Watch has been in huge demand because of the wide range of attributes it brings in to play. It plays a huge role in the world of computing and allows one to get their personal needs covered in a matter of seconds. So, it opens a completely new world of opportunities for accessory manufacturers, application developers, vendors and more. 

The smartphone will exclusively become the hub of personal networks with the help of wearable devices like smartwatches, sensors, display devices, and more. These wearable devices will get connected with mobile applications and work as per the given information. It will play a big role in almost all the sectors like sports, fashion, healthcare and more. So, the wearable devices are certainly going to have a huge influence in the future world and will work in sync with mobile application development services. 

2. IoT and Smart Objects

According to research, it is acknowledged that there will be more than 27 billion connected devices into usage by the end of 2020. It also includes smart objects like LED light bulbs, domestic appliances, toys, medical equipment, sports equipment, and more. All these devices will get connected to IoT and will communicate with the help of an application on your mobile phone.

Your smartphone will exclusively act just like remote controls and help in analyzing information, social networks interfacing and also monitoring different aspects that can help you with payments, exchanges, software updates, and more. Companies like Microsoft, are counting big with intelligent system service as it is infused with IoT solutions. It enhances their capabilities and one can avail a lot out of it with the help of an application Similarly Google is working upon Brillo and Nest with the infusion of IoT. 

3. mCommerce

It has been seen that there is a high rise in the mobile shopping segment which will surely grow high in the next coming years as more and more consumers fall for the mCommerce segment. The rise in popularity of Google Wallet and Apple pay has helped the users around the world to purchase with the help of smartphones without any second thought. So, in the coming time, you will see applications that allow users to make a purchase without any use of debit or credit cards. It will be partnered with payment gateways and will change the work of mobile shopping completely. Not only it will help your analytics and data collection but also it will help you with customer loyalty programs and mobile payments. 

4. Motion Sensors

Almost all smartphones come with location sensor attributes and it uses multiple positioning procedures to assist you with different information related to the location. Getting to know the location of an individual will help you avail detailed contextual services and data related to it, these motion-sensing applications will play a huge role for the needs of security, power-saving, anti-theft, and more. Not only this it also helps in Gaming, geotagging, and navigation. 

This application will thoroughly check with the indoor location and exclusively use different technologies into play in the form of ultrasonic beacons, imaging, Wi-Fi, and geomagnetic. In the coming time attributes as smart lighting will also become a very important part of it. So, location sensing when combined with a specific application will help quite exceptionally in the coming time as per your custom needs and requirements.

5. Creative Mobile User Experience Design

It is very important that one gets to acknowledge the content on the device in the best possible way to get hooked to your application. So, the user experience design needs to be effective and creative which can keep the users hooked for a long period. One must learn from successful mobile applications like Instagram, Pinterest, Houzz have set the benchmark for designing the applications with the infusion of unique and fresh interfaces. You will find designers working application which can accommodate different types of smartphone challenges like user interruption and attention with ease. 

You must have applications that can work in tandem with different technologies and features like circular design pattern, engaging content layers, manipulation and cards of content and more. These attributes infuse the technology of augmented reality which helps the users to engage themselves in the given information without any complaint at all. You will be able to acknowledge how leading mobile applications are setting the standards in user experience designing and it will surely play a huge role in the coming time. 

Wrapping Up

The mobile application has exclusively become one of the most important parts of the digital ecosystem. The need for consumer applications is getting higher with every passing day and now attracting businesses to consider the world of mobility quite seriously. So, it is important that you keep your one eye on the upcoming trends of mobile application development services and then work on it to give their services an edge!

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The Future of Mobile Apps

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