Effects of Video Marketing’s Sudden Explosion

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Video as a medium is an essential content marketing strategy today. From Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, or Snapchat, most social media platforms have a video component incorporated in them.

Every industry, along with influencer marketing, needs a video marketing strategy. If your business has not yet gone on board with this trend, you’re bound to get left behind. Social media platforms have also competed over which one is the best at distributing videos. More users are spending more daily minutes on Facebook than on Youtube. Snapchat, on the other hand, has billions of views daily while Twitter has rebranded itself to cater to more video content.

If you haven’t gotten on board with the explosion of video marketing yet, don’t fret as there is still time to know more about it and its effects on the market.

Boosting Conversion & Sales

One of the strongest effects of the video in marketing today is its ability to increase conversion and sales. According to Invisia.com, adding product videos to a landing page can increase conversions by 80 percent and can have a direct effect on sales. Users find it more convenient to watch a video that explains a product thoroughly, making it easier for them to make a decision.

The effectiveness of video marketing shouldn’t be a surprise as visuals appeal more to most of us compared to other types of content. Our brain mostly absorbs information through the visual transmission. Photos have helped boost engagement immensely in the past and videos are now replacing what static images have offered a few years before.

Getting Better ROI

Numerous businesses get better ROI results thanks to videos. It should be noted, however, that video production doesn’t come cheap. But if you’re willing to spend big for your content strategy, the payoff for video production is well worth it.

The tools for video editing and production have gone a long way and have been seeing constant improvements and innovations. They also became more accessible, making it possible for anyone to produce quality video content. Today, most modern smartphones can shoot quality videos that can be used for specific forms of content strategy. 

Video marketing doesn’t have to be perfect. The most important aspect of it is the subject of your video as most users become disinterested in videos that have no meaning or are not helpful regarding a specific product or service. Content is king. Low-quality and design don’t bother users as much, but having a slightly bigger production budget goes a long way.

Becoming Personal

Video marketing is one of the top trends that has been dominating 2019 for a good reason. Videos are a chance for content to become personal, as seen on numerous social media platforms like Facebook, the largest social media network in terms of audience size. There are over two billion active users monthly who use Facebook, and many of them watch videos that vary in content, with about 100 million hours of video being watched every day. Facebook also has a diverse audience, making it more challenging to pinpoint a particular niche. 

The most vital aspect to remember about this platform is that users are here for entertainment. Think of cute puppies and kittens, memes, and heartwarming moments. 

Know that many businesses don’t really match the kind of audience that is for viral Facebook posts, and yet a lot of them still find success through this channel using videos. Based on the report of Wyzowl.com, many marketers have found video marketing incredibly effective for their content strategy.

Experimenting with Each Platform

Understand that there’s so much happening right now with video marketing that it’s the best way to grab the attention of your audience. There’s a lot of potentials for video marketing to help a business grow and reach a wider and more diverse audience. What’s important is to learn to experiment across a wide array of strategies and see what works best with your brand.

Remember that different platforms have varying social contexts and must be considered or respected if you want your video marketing strategy to work. Learn to identify these, conceptualize your content carefully, and publish videos that will help your business move forward while being sensitive to these social contexts.

Always Be Aware of the Competition

While YouTube and Facebook are arguably the most relevant channels for your marketing strategy, that doesn’t mean you should neglect Twitter and Snapchat. All of these platforms can help you get closer to your target audience as these social media platforms have specific types of audiences. Develop your content according to what your audience wants to see and have a long-lasting relationship with your customers.

Another thing to watch out for is the competition between these social networks. Each platform wants to capitalize on the type of media that gains a lot of traffic. Since video is now the top choice, many of them are changing the game with this type of content. This form of competition stimulates innovation and constant improvements. YouTube should watch out for its competitors and not underestimate other social media platforms like Facebook. Your role as an entrepreneur amidst all these effects of video marketing is to capitalize on the moment and develop a strategy that best works for you and your product or service.

The Effects of Video Marketing’s Sudden Explosion

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