The Do’s and Don’ts While Creating a Lead Generation Strategy

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Lead generation has taken over the digital world quickly. Whatever the industry you are in, you cannot sustain in the market without a firm lead generation strategy.

As for everything, there is both a right and wrong way to do it. That’s why we have put this article together to elaborate on the dos and don’ts for a successful strategy for lead generation.

Do Create Data-driven Buyer Personas

Get to know about your buyer persona inside out. Using feedback and information that you gather from website visitors and customers to make your targeting effective. You can do competitor research to come up with the right buyer persona. Understanding your target audience is very important to generate qualified leads.

Implementing data-driven buyer-persons will help you get a better view of your B2B customers’ challenges, needs, and pain points, as well as knowing the motives and objectives behind their purchasing intentions. Once you understand the buying signals, you can create content as per your target audience’s needs.

Use this information to fuel your marketing communications, and provide the right prospects with influential top-of-the-funnel (TOFU) content.

To Provide Value Through Your Content

B2B Companies that use blogging generate 67% more leads a month. At this point, your blog content needs to cover industry news, reports, and statistics that support your product or service offering (but don’t overly promote them). Your content should solve the problems of your target audience and guide them in the right direction.

Provide useful, insightful, and instructional content to your target audience and sound fewer sales. The B2B clients may not be looking that day to buy anything, but that doesn’t mean you can’t give them useful insights.

Don’t Neglect ROI

Never indulge in some new TOFU marketing operation until you have calculated the best, estimated, and worst possible ROI performance.

Before investing in any strategy, you need to understand precisely what outcomes you need to produce to generate a healthy ROI in top-of-the-funnel ads or marketing activity.

If you can benchmark your performance, you will take the guesswork out of your marketing activity for TOFU.

Don’t Forget You’re Playing the Long Game.

In B2B marketing, there could be a willingness to overpopulate the lower funnel, where prospects are closer to conversion but with a detrimental effect.

Take a long-term approach for your funnel plan, and concentrate on customers who may not be buying now but maybe buying in a year or two. Invest in TOFU activity not only to build your bottom line but also to reinforce your brand awareness.

Do Invest in the Right Tools for the Job

Nowadays, there are so many interactive resources around that can improve your lead generation’s performance. From sales intelligence marketing automation software to smart CRMs, social media scheduling tools, and our software for Lead Forensics.

Wrapping Up

These Do’s and Don’ts for effective Lead Generation are the number one place to start searching for business tips. The more knowledge you can gather, the greater the chances you will see of success.

The Do’s and Don’ts While Creating a Lead Generation Strategy

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