The Coolest VoIP Features You Should Know About

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Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP systems have now become a telecommunication staple in every home and office. Experts believe that the already huge market for VoIP will soar to over 140 billion US Dollars by 2021.

Businesses—in particular—love VoIP phones. Not only are they scalable to every kind of business size but they’re also highly beneficial when it comes to cost savings. Surveys indicate that companies who make the switch from traditional landline phones to VoIP phones are able to save up to 75 percent of their monthly phone bills.

While adaptability and affordability are great aspects of VoIP phones, there are some exciting features on this technology that make it a highly sought-after communications protocol.

Here are some cool features you should know about them.

1. Automated Call Attendance

Most VoIP service providers are now offering a feature known as auto-attendant. This option enables users to set their devices with an automated message to receive calls. And no, this isn’t the same as having your clients get stuck with a voicemail message. VoIP service providers like Vonage and Ooma are offering the auto-attendant feature as Virtual Receptionist. The system takes calls and redirects them to the correct extension. It can also forward calls to different departments within an office.

The auto-attendant feature is pretty cool because it prevents the need for businesses to invest in full-time receptionists and customer support teams. Now your VoIP phones can take care of all your important calls while you get your work done!

2. Call Recording

The call recording option has made it significantly easier for businesses to now save their minutes of the meeting. Users will now have a backlog of all the important points that were discussed during a team meeting. They can also enthusiastically participate in group discussions without having to worry about their notes.

The call recording option is especially useful for businesses that rely heavily on their customer support staff. Managers can now keep tabs on employee performance and use those recordings during training to improve service.

3. Voicemail to Email Transcription

Yes, you read this correctly. Now you can read your voicemails on your email platform! Many businesses that don’t operate 24/7 or those that struggle to communicate across time zones can miss out on important calls from their clients and other stakeholders. The break-in communication can often delay work progress. However, the voicemail transcription feature lets you receive your voicemails in a readable format on your email so you’re up to speed with everything that happened in your absence! Service providers like RingCentral are offering this feature alongside an online fax option that lets you receive your faxes the same way.

4. Conference Call

Conference calls are a necessity and VoIP phones have captured the essence of this business need. Now organizations can make audio and video conference calls at no extra charge. Most service providers include the conference call feature as part of their base pricing. The great thing about using your VoIP phone for conferencing is that you can share files and documents across different devices and hold live presentation sessions too!

Want More Cool VoIP Features?

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The Coolest VoIP Features You Should Know About

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