The Biggest Trends Driving Business in 2022 and Beyond
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The Biggest Trends Driving Business in 2022 and Beyond

In most domains, trends tend to come and go and represent merely a guideline to follow to maintain popularity. But when it comes to business, trends might be more important, allowing companies to remain competitive and reach new growth and success opportunities. And as the major trends in business today is closely linked to technological advancements, the two will likely continue evolving together to cause an inevitable transformation bound to disrupt the business environment. Until then, here are some of the biggest trends driving business in 2022 and beyond:

eCommerce is still steadily growing

eCommerce is still steadily growing
eCommerce is still steadily growing

E-commerce has already been rising for quite some time now, but it’s no secret that this sector took off at a monumental rate once the coronavirus pandemic hit. Completely transforming the way we shop, e-commerce reached historical growth in months, which is why many predicted that its popularity would suddenly drop.

But the opposite is true. E-commerce maintained its relevance in the past couple of years, growing substantially and steadily. It’s estimated that around 22% of all global retail purchases will be done through online shopping by 2024, which truly represents tremendous success for the e-commerce industry.

Influencer marketing shows potential.

Influencer marketing is by no means a new concept, but it has significantly grown in the last few years, likely due to the high ROI it tends to provide. But companies aren’t only focusing on famous names any longer. Instead, they are turning to smaller creators with targeted audiences, so-called “nano” and “micro-influencers” that are currently attracting some of the world’s largest brands.

However, there’s still a common issue – working with individual influencers doesn’t scale. But, that is exactly where influencer marketing platforms come in. Providing a simple way for influencers and companies to establish contact and do business, these platforms have truly taken over the world of advertising in 2022. They will remain influential in the future as well.

The rise of commercial real estate

The rise of commercial real estate
The rise of commercial real estate

The real estate sector was among the industries that were hit by the COVID-19 pandemic the most. As a result, construction stopped, the demand for properties dropped, and mortgage rates peaked. But as the world recovers from these unprecedented circumstances, specific business trends relating to the real estate and construction industries emerge.

One of the most important trends in this sector is the rise of modular building, a process in which properties are constructed off-site in parts or “modules,” which are then transported to be assembled on-site. As it proved to be quite an efficient, affordable, and time-saving solution, modular construction quickly became the driving force behind a commercial real estate that will likely continue to grow in years to come.

The use of automation and robotics

The future where we see massive career and job erosion due to technological advancements might not be so far. However, even though it will likely start collaboratively, as a partnership between human labor and automated solutions, it’s predicted that hundreds of millions of jobs worldwide will be lost to automation in the next decade.

It will be up to governments to handle the damage caused by businesses looking to save money and improve operations with robotics and similar technologies. Ultimately, machines are smarter, quicker, more accurate, and more efficient than humans in many domains, especially in manufacturing, agriculture, etc.

Sustainability remains a priority.

As the issues surrounding climate change become more pressing, sustainability is another legitimate trend that remains prevalent in all business areas. However, saying that companies that ignore sustainability in this modern world of conscious consumption aren’t likely to do well might not be as true as we thought.

As it turns out, businesses are becoming experts in building sustainability branding and messaging instead of focusing on self-accountability and actual progress. Most of the importance regarding the sustainability trend will come from regulatory action and the subsequent legislation enforcement that will likely emerge in the following years.

Trends are emerging at a rapid pace, and the world of business is evolving with them. Only the companies that manage to keep up with these important trends will be able to come out on top in 2022 and beyond.

The Biggest Trends Driving Business in 2022 and Beyond

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