The Best Materials and Designs For Serum Box Packaging

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The Best Materials and Designs For Serum Box Packaging

Serum boxes are commonly used to hold small, precious products like makeup, skincare products, lotions, and more. Because of what’s inside these boxes, they must be specially designed to protect their contents from damage as much as possible during shipment and storage so that your customers can receive their purchases in the best condition possible. With this in mind, look at some of the best materials and designs you can use to prepare your serum box packaging for the market!

Choosing the Right Paper

You’ll need thin paper for the labels and durable enough to last for serum boxes. Unfortunately, paper mills typically have a variety of papers available. So selecting which one is perfect for your needs can be hard.


Uncoated paper may be best if you’re looking for something that best protects your products without adding too much weight. However, you could also use coated or glossy paper if you plan on using clear windows or showing off your product with graphics.

For more information on choosing an appropriate box packaging material for skin care and serum packaging boxes, contact a professional at a leading supplier of custom serum boxes. The company provides free quotes from its team of experts in designing custom serum boxes.

 Clear Tissue Paper

These boxes are made from tissue paper and can be recycled after use. So it’s a great option if you’re trying to have a transparent look for your packaging and you don’t want anything too rigid that might dent or break easily when carrying it around in your bag. But it’s worth noting that this type of tissue paper won’t protect against water spills or lotion leaks.

Polypropylene Cardboard

This is the way to go if you’re looking for a more durable option than the clear tissue paper boxes. Polypropylene cardboard has a semi-transparent coating and will withstand water spills without leaking through. They also come with flat bottoms, which make them perfect for any product that needs room to breathe, like mascara brushes.

Kraft Paper

A little more expensive than the other two options, but still affordable!

Choosing the Right Window

Window boxes are a great way of displaying products in storefronts and homes. They come in many colors and designs and can be constructed from various materials. You have many options when choosing window boxes for your skin care product packaging.

  • You could choose aluminum or steel or opt for an opaque plastic material such as acrylic or Plexiglass.
  • One common choice is frosted Plexiglass because it is durable and inexpensive but lets some light through to display your product beautifully.

The most important factor when choosing custom serum boxes for skin care products is what will work best with your design scheme and store design, which should be based on the type of merchandise sold in that store. For instance, if you sell skin care products primarily, a frosted Plexiglass window box would be perfect to showcase those products while letting enough light in to see them.

Choosing the Right Closure

You will also need to choose a closure for your serum packaging boxes. Here are some tips on what you might want to consider:

  •  Closures should be easy to open and close but not too difficult, or they might break or bend.
  • You may want a snap closure if your product is sensitive or comes in contact with moisture.
  • Your serum packaging boxes should have no more than two closures for stability. Also, avoid putting metal snaps or clips near liquid products because corrosion can happen. Metal seams are another thing to avoid as they can corrode from contact with certain liquids.
  • Be sure that your skincare box packaging closures aren’t so tight that your customers struggle to use them.
  • Always keep safety in mind when choosing a perfect closure for serum packaging boxes!

Avoid These Common Design Mistakes

There are a few mistakes that many designers make when designing a skin care box packaging. Follow these tips, and you’ll avoid all of them.

Keep your designs simple:

Too many details can be distracting or overwhelming for customers.

 Don’t use any images of people’s faces:

It’s creepy and doesn’t have anything to do with skincare.

 Be sure you’re using high-quality materials:

They’re worth the investment because higher-quality materials will last longer and make your packaging stand out from other products on the shelf. For example, use durable paperboard instead of corrugated cardboard, plastic over cardstock, aluminum foil over inkjet paper, and thick acrylic sheets over standard clear plastic.

Use graphics sparingly:

Graphics can help sell your product, but they shouldn’t take up the whole design space. Instead, they should be incorporated in areas where they enhance the product rather than used as design elements.

Make your boxes easy to open:

Some companies use pre-cut corners on their boxes so that customers won’t need scissors to open them!


The best serum box packaging protects your product from contamination or broken. It should be made of high-quality materials that are easy to open and close yet durable enough not to break. Design is also important regarding serum box packaging, as customers judge a book by its cover. Try out these tips next time you want quality skincare packaging for your products!

The Best Materials and Designs For Serum Box Packaging