The Best Lead Generation Tools

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The Best Lead Generation Tools

To sell online, you need at least to know where to find a client and how to contact them. Leads give you that information, and lead generation means more leads, and you can get them after adding chat to a website or creating a quiz. But how to pick the best free lead generation tool?

What Is A Lead Generation

A lead is a potential customer interested in a product or service and left his contacts: made a request, ordered a call, or indicated an email in the feedback form.

The difference between a lead and an ordinary target audience is that the former is closer to deciding to buy. You can easily contact them directly thanks to helpful lead tools – send a push notification, email, or personal message – and offer to order something. 

The Best Lead Generation Tools


That’s one of the greatest lead generation tools, free. Clients don’t need to call the company and wait for a specialist to answer; all they need to do is leave a phone number – the sales department will call back itself. The business owner, in turn, is guaranteed to get in contact with a potential client and doesn’t have to worry about missing a call.

The callback form asks for little data, so there is a higher chance that the user will leave contacts.


This lead generation free tool looks like a form with a text. It can be a quiz, survey, test, etc. The user answers the questions, leaves data, and gets quiz results or a bonus. The advantage of this free leads generation software is that users don’t have to fill in dozens of fields, and the communication is in game form.

You understand what products they need and get a discount or a gift by answering questions. And the business acquires additional information about potential customers thanks to the questions already segmented.

Website Registration Form

Visitors don’t have to register to explore the site. But registration with this free lead generation tool gives privileges: no need to re-enter data each with this lead gen tool time, and it’s possible to join a loyalty program if provided. In addition, such top lead generation tools can be used in online stores, airlines, and other companies with a bonus system.

Such free lead generation tools are a more deliberate step than signing up for newsletters in a pop-up. In such a form, you can ask for your name, phone number, mail, gender, date of birth, and other data that you need to work comfortably with the service. 

Why Online Chat Is The Best Lead Generation Tools

It’s the form that helps attract free business opportunity leads more effectively. It often says “Write to us” or “Contact us.” Users click on the form to open the chat and enter their details. It usually asks for the user’s name, phone number, and email if the person doesn’t answer the call.

These free lead generation apps are multifunctional, as they allow companies to:

  • Automate the processing of questions;
  • Provide round-the-clock customer support;
  • Handle objections.

All businesses can test an online chat: a potential customer can get answers to all questions in a convenient format.

Where To Use Chats

These best free lead generation tools can be used for different purposes:

  • Shopping assistance. These lead gen tools act as sales consultants, helping customers with product information, offering more personalized recommendations, assisting with orders, and handling returns.
  • Banking. This free lead generator software can find the needed information, generate invoices, statements, and other standardized documents, and match credit offers and investment options.
  • Customer service. Customer service departments can use lead generation software free to respond to repetitive inquiries. For example, to help find information about a problem, create the right support ticket, or find out the current request status.
  • Healthcare. Clinics use chatbots to tell customers about existing services, make an appointment with the right doctor, remind them of their visit, and ask them to rate the quality of the service sometime after their visit.

Why Choose A Live Chat

This leads tool on your site helps you reach and engage your online visitors. Thanks to this user-friendly free lead generation software, you get a powerful lead generation tool that is more effective and personal than any pop-up window.

Another advantage is that it lets businesses interact with their customers, regardless of location, as it’s multilingual.

The Best Lead Generation Tools

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