The Benefits of Headless Commerce
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The Benefits of Headless Commerce

With older, existing e-commerce platforms struggling to keep up with the ever-evolving landscape of changing customer demands, headless commerce has made way for greater ways to reach customers. Check out the benefits of headless eCommerce, as suggested by BetterCommerce.

What is Headless Commerce?

To explain, headless eCommerce is an e-commerce solution that can store, manage and deliver content while having the site’s backend completely separate from the presentation layer. Thus, it gives more freedom to front-end developers who are not restricted in which framework to use to deliver the content to the customer. This could be the likes of a Shopify store or Amazon page.

Headless Commerce is such a beneficial platform since it allows for freedom in the presentation you choose and has a full suite of commerce APIs and modular applications available for you to use should you choose our platform. 

What are the benefits of Headless Commerce? 

What are the benefits of Headless Commerce? 

Headless commerce has many advantages over traditional e-commerce platforms; here are some of the top benefits and why you should opt for it rather than traditional e-commerce strategies. 


A headless commerce platform means you can rapidly make updates and changes to the front-end of your site without affecting the backend system. Most major platforms roll out updates to their site every few weeks, and some sites may end up down, resulting in revenue loss. 

However, companies like Amazon use a Headless platform and deploy updates roughly every 11.7 seconds, meaning very few outages or issues. If your front and back end aren’t dependent on one another, you don’t have to update the full system and deliver the work you do much quicker. It’s time you opt for headless to steer clear of any problems you may be facing with your current e-commerce platform – we bet a ton of those come to mind!


A headless content management system will help get your content anywhere. You can deliver your content to any channel much easier and not worry about compatibility issues. In addition, a headless platform is future-proof to work with any emerging channels. 

Better User Experience

Likewise, it’s painful that customer experience is constantly changing, yet customers are still looking for a consistent experience across devices.  People want a personalized experience, and now more than ever, that can be provided. You can go far beyond the standard experience. 

Easier Marketing

Moreover, headless commerce gives more freedom in more areas than just sales. Headless commerce platforms can support new technologies when they arrive and means marketing teams can constantly improve customer experience. Thanks to the flexibility of headless systems, sites can be updated and even created in days rather than weeks. 

Easier Scaling and Improved Time to Market

If you have managed to create a multi-channel experience with an outdated e-commerce platform, you’ll be aware of how slow the time to market can be and how challenging it can be to scale up. 

A headless platform allows brands to focus their time and resources on the front-end experiences of different devices and platforms and allows faster market for new channels, regions, and more. 

All in all, if you are looking for a headless commerce platform offering ease of use, scalability, and seamless integration with platforms like WooCommerce, Amazon, and Shopify, consider BetterCommerce. Headless offers the best possible e-commerce experience without the bucket load of backend complexities that once used to be.

The Benefits of Headless Commerce

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