The A-Z of eCommerce Product Photos For Your Website

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For every eCommerce website, the product photography is one of the most, if not the only, important elements of the site.

While you may have the best quality products in the business, people will not recognize their worth without proper visualization or representation.

This means that product photography is key in having a good eCommerce site, improving sales, and building brand identity. 

While your marketing campaigns and SEO strategies may get you loads of traffic on your site, making conversions happen and keeping your site visitors engaged can be achieved only when you have quality images of what you offer.

That said, here’s a short guide on eCommerce product photos that can help you improve your website for better sales.

Let’s dive in.

Product Photography – All You Need To Know

Product photography is a type of commercial photography that involves taking professional photos of your products for your e-commerce website or store. Since they enable the shoppers or site visitors to get a full picture of how the product looks before committing to it, they are crucial to the sales process.

Before buying any product, every person reads the product description but relies more on the images to better understand the product and benefit them.

Having different types of product photos like 360-degree spin photography can prove to be very beneficial. This means that by working with a professional photographer, you can get quality images for your site.

Certain businesses like DW Images that offer 360-degree product photography in Milton Keynes have enough experience and expertise with this type of photography so that they can personalize your images to suit your site better.

How Is It Important For Your Website

With the immense competition on the eCommerce front, doing whatever you can to stay ahead of the competition will only work in your favor. Investing in product photography is the right way to start with this.

With nearly 93% of online shoppers relying on product images to make the sales decision, a lot is riding on your photos. Moreover, with SEO-optimized content, your eCommerce site has better chances of ranking higher or SERPs and garnering more customers.

Additionally, with the versatility of these photographs, you can use them for all your advertising and marketing strategies to boost visibility and improve branding. This makes product photography a worthy investment for all eCommerce businesses.

Types Of Product Photography

Now that you have understood the importance of product photos for every eCommerce business, the next step is to understand which type is right for your business. Yes, you read that right.

There are many different types of product photos that a photographer can take for your eCommerce site. They are –

1. Individual or Group Pictures

When you consider size as the main factor, your product photographer can help you with two types of images – individual and group pictures. Although individual photos are the most common type of product photography, they include only one product in the frame. 

Group photos have multiply related or similar products together, usually placed very aesthetically. While both have their advantages and disadvantages, it usually comes down to your product and how you want to represent them.

2. Differently Sized Product Photos

Product photography can also be done according to the size of your products. For example, if your eCommerce website offers different types of shoes, you’d opt for a normal-sized photograph.

Similarly, for bigger products like electronics, etc., the photo will need to be clicked accordingly. The same is with macro shots as well.

3. Different Angles

From flat to 360-degree photography and 360-degree spin photography, product photographs don’t necessarily have to be a simple product shot against a plain background.

With new creative approaches to capture your product, you can always try different methods to see what suits your eCommerce site the most.

Product Photography Tips To Keep In Mind

After deciding on the type of product photography you want for your site, informing yourself of the basic tips can make sure you pay attention to details for the perfect product photos. Here’s what you need to know –

  • Always make sure your images are of high quality with extra attention to detail.
  • Personalize your image uniquely to stand out among your competitors
  • Experiment with different styles and layouts to find what works best for your product
  • Rid the images of any distractions and keep an eye out on shadows; you’ll want to avoid them for better emphasis on your product 
  • Don’t rely on a single shot or approach; make sure you have multiple pictures of the same product from a different angle for better representation

To Sum Up

Now that you know the basics of product photography for eCommerce sites, you can personalize your approach to leverage the service fully. With this, not only will your business have a major boost in sales, but you will also build on brand identity.

The A-Z of eCommerce Product Photos For Your Website

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