The 6 Tips To A Longer-Lasting Vape Coil

The vape coil is an essential organ of a vaporizer. It is responsible for delivering the heat produced to the vape juice that causes the vaporization. Vape coils undergo rapid heating and cooling each time you fire up your device. Therefore, it is essential to create flawless vapors filled with flavors and other infused components for vaping. But the process also has a toll on the lifetime of the coil.

Atomizer coils are typically metal or metal alloys that go through heating and cooling cycles in a short time. It naturally causes the material to degrade over time, thus expressing a finite lifetime for the coil. Once reached, the coil requires replacement to continue vaping. But replacements are both expensive and tedious. In addition, the more frequently you change them, the bigger your budget for vaping needs to be. So how do we cut down the cost and time of replacing coils?

How you utilize the vape coil is relevant to extending its lifetime. So here we give you six simple methods that can help improve the life of the coil.

1. Fix The Device Wattage

The coil delivers the heat to the vape juice to enable vaporization. Hence the device wattage directly influences the life of the coil. All devices come with wattage ratings that indicate the maximum range of operation. If you continuously run your device towards the top end of the wattage range and take long puffs, the e-juice contact may not be complete, leaving the coil damaged. Match the wattage ratings of your device while choosing premium-quality vape coils before installation. You can also shop rechargeable hyde vapes as they are affordable, cost-effective, satisfies every vaper’s taste buds. Keep your puffs short while operating on higher wattage and move to the low end of the range to enjoy long, satisfying puffs.

2. Prime The Coil

An important step is installing a new coil to soak the wick in e-liquid. The process is called priming and is very important before using the device. Why so? Creating a pathway for the e-juice to travel from the tank to the coil takes time. If you fire the device without priming, the wick and coil that are still completely dry will quickly burn, leaving them damaged and unusable.

Priming with the e-liquid ensures the vaporization pathway is created within the device and the wick is appropriately saturated. The drawing will now become effortless, and the coil is also safe. Drop a few droplets of juice through the juice holes on the coil head till the wick is saturated. But be careful not to overdo it, or it will cause leakage.

3. Choose The Right E-Juice

The quality of e-liquids directly influences the lifetime of the vape coil. Budget vape liquids contain large concentrations of sweeteners and other agents known to caramelize on the coil and destroy it over time. In addition, these liquids are thick and clog up the wick, which causes hindrance in absorption, leading to burnt spots on the coil surface. Instead, choose e-juice with lower amounts of sweeteners prepared from premium quality ingredients. These ingredients are friendly to the coil and ensure easy vaping without causing damage.

4. Clean Regularly

If you are having coil troubles frequently, one issue could be that you are not maintaining your device correctly. Most vapers ignore the importance of regular cleaning and replacements that are crucial to keeping the device in the best shape. The process is especially critical for coils as it develops thick layers of e-juice residues over time. Every time you vape, these residues repeatedly burn, causing a burnt flavor and damaging the coil. Also, the coil has to deliver more heat to vaporize the e-juice efficiently due to low contact on the surface, which affects its lifetime.

    1. Disassemble the device and soak the coil in vinegar, vodka, or warm water.
    2. Leave it overnight to let the sticky particles loosen up.
    3. Use a brush to scrub the surface and remove the residues gently.
    4. Clean under running water and let it air dry before inserting it back into the device.

It is important to note that warm water is the best choice for regular cleaning.

    1. Check Our E-Juice With Higher PG

VG or vegetable glycerin is a crucial base component of any e-liquid. It is essential to create the thickness in e-juice that contributes to dense vapors. But the density of the compound clogs the coils and increases the chances of damage. Although high VG liquids are best compatible with sub-ohm setups, liquids with a 50:50 ratio of VG: PG (propylene glycol) or Nic salts are the best choice to ensure coil longevity. PG makes the juice thinner and runnier and ensures the proper flow of e-liquid for the best vaping experience.

Check Our E-Juice With Higher PG


6. Refill Regularly

A common practice that leads to frequent coil damage is vaping when the tank is low on e-juice. It causes a terrible burnt flavor in the vapors, which indicates the wick burning inside. In addition, low e-juice levels cause improper flow of the liquid for vaporization that could cause immense damage to the coil. Check the minimum level indicator in the tank, and always make sure to fill up to this level to protect your coil.


If you are having trouble with the vape coil requiring replacements, consider these practical tips to extend its lifetime. The suitable vaping methods and proper maintenance can promise a long-lasting coil time for a seamless vaping experience.

The 6 Tips To A Longer-Lasting Vape Coil