The 4 Best SMS Apps For Small Businesses
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The 4 Best SMS Apps For Small Businesses

SMS apps can solve the problem of overflowing inboxes that only serve to stall your small business’s growth. With a mere 20% average opening rate of emails, you need to rethink your contact strategies. Since SMS messages have a 98% opening rate, why not rely on them instead?

Time to make the switch, right? But where to start? Let’s take a look at the four best SMS apps that cater to the unique needs of small businesses.


Need to send a business text message regularly? First, you should be aware of the fact that there are often hidden charges. On top of that, long code text messaging (which is the most common type) isn’t unlimited – their plans just get advertised that way. On the other hand, short-code texting is used by automated services to send mass messages to thousands of recipients. This makes it hard to manage a flood of replies at once.

Good service

What we recommend instead is Text-em-All, an automated calling, and mass texting service. This company has been around since 2005 and has a longstanding reputation for delivering voice calls and texts for all kinds of businesses. They offer pay-as-you-go, monthly, and custom-priced enterprise pricing options with a free trial period to get you started.


TextMagic is the app we recommend for those who want to get started quickly. Within minutes of signing up, you will be able to send your first SMS text message. There is an easy-to-use Setup Wizard and an interface that is simple to navigate.

This SMS app gives you the option of sending messages from an assigned TextMagic number so that replies will go to your email, the web app, or the API. You can also choose to send messages directly from your mobile phone number so that you can instantly get replies. 

Works Well With Google

Excel files, either CSV or spreadsheets, can be imported to build your contacts list, or you can manually enter them. Then, schedule your messages, use premade templates, and swiftly send customers text messages – it only takes a few moments to do any of this.

One of the most helpful capabilities with TextMagic is linking organizational tools to it through Zapier. For example, this lets you automatically post messages to Slack or follow up on surveys submitted via Typeform.


If you operate a small business in the United States or Canada, Salesmsg might be worth looking into. The power of this applies in how you decide to integrate it since it only comes with four primary tabs located on the sidebar: Conversations, Contacts, Broadcasts, and Triggers. 

Once you sign up, you can create a local number that will show up as your texts come from. In addition, call forwarding can be enabled at your discretion; that way, customers’ phone calls can be sent to your business or personal phone without them having that particular number.

Email Client Integration

Google Calendar and Outlook have one-click integration that you can use right away. For example, you can easily click Book Appointment from a customer’s text and have it get added to your calendar. CRM platforms like Zoho and HubSpot can be integrated as well. Zapier can be utilized here to connect to any service you desire, making it so that you can do things like logging your messages in Google Sheets.

Custom pricing solutions are available. There is a standard 750-message-per-month plan that comes with a single phone number. You can pay for additional messages and add on different phone numbers.

EZ Texting

Not all of us are tech-savvy, and that’s okay. There’s an SMS app for you, and it is aptly titled EZ Texting. It does everything that other SMS apps do but keeps the techy stuff to a manageable minimum. You can send mass group texts or keep it 1-on-1. No matter what you want to do, the interface makes it clear how to do it.

Without The Bells And The Whistles

You will be asked what you want to use EX Texting for; then, the system will guide you through learning all the features. Once you are in the app, you will get instructions on using each new function you click on. Whenever you do happen to need help, you can schedule a call with their support staff. Zapier is included so that you can easily integrate the tools you need.

Give one – or all – of these SMS apps a try, then watch your small business grow. Consider how much you will need to customize and how much your budget can afford, then settle on the one that fits your needs the best.

The 4 Best SMS Apps For Small Businesses

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