The 10 Most Start-Up Friendly Countries In The World (Infographic)

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Are you thinking about launching your business in a foreign country? If so, then you should check out this guide to discover the most start-up friendly nations in the world. 

The Effect of Globalisation on Start-Ups

Between new digital technologies and inexpensive international travel, many start-ups today are becoming more globalized in their approach. As a result, many modern entrepreneurs choose to locate their start-ups abroad. This is evidenced by the 2018 SVB Startup Outlook Report which shows that almost one in three US start-ups report locating facilities or moving some aspects of operations offshore.

Why Consider Moving Your Start-up to A Foreign Country?

  • Access a well-educated workforce
  • Enjoy lower overheads e.g. utilities, rent, payroll
  • Take advantage of start-up friendly government initiatives and tax policies
  • Gain greater access to certain international markets
  • Engage with a local culture of entrepreneurship and innovation
  • Make use of opportunities that are not available at home

What Makes a Country “Start-Up Friendly”?

There are many ways in which a country can build a supportive environment that attracts start-ups from around the world. One of the most important things is to have a strong infrastructure and excellent global connections. Another major factor is the cultivation of a strong culture of entrepreneurialism. The government also has a role to play by providing helpful policies and tax incentives. It is also key to have a steady pipeline of talent that is both well-educated and technical-adept.

Learn More

If you are keen to find out more about the best start-up ecosystems in the world, then we recommend reading the infographic below from the team at Hansen and Company. This helpful guide explores how each country has succeeded in bringing together certain elements to create a world-class start-up culture.

Read through at the below infographic guide to discover more about the most start-up friendly countries in the world.

The 10 Most Start-Up Friendly Countries In The World


The 10 Most Start-Up Friendly Countries In The World

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