THC vs. CBD for Anxiety

Battling with bouts of anxiety is not easy, and many who experience anxiety benefit from taking THC and CBD. While many anxious-ridden people take over-the-counter medications or resort to pharmaceuticals, there are methods to calm anxiety that are less harsh and invasive. THC and CBD, for instance, are two options that many prefer when combatting many things like anxiety, pain, or insomnia, to name a few. If you’ve ever wondered what THC vs. CBD for anxiety does to the human body, you’ll be thrilled to know we’ve got you covered and read on to see which is best and why.

What is the difference between THC and CBD?

As we all know, THC and CBD come from cannabis plants, so they are very similar in composition but also differ in many ways too. THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, contains a psychoactive compound that CBD, or cannabidiol, does not. Both THC and CBD have similar effects, but CBD is definitely less potent than THC in getting that “high” feeling. Everyone has their reasoning for why they prefer THC or CBD (or both), but neither is better for treating anxiety and other symptoms.

How does THC help with anxiety?

THC is so popular because it can make someone feel good almost instantly. THC is great for treating bouts of anxiety with a psychoactive effect because it easily calms the nerves and melts away any tension at the moment. People with anxiety experience a lot of stress, and amplifying emotions that can hit all at once and, as you can imagine, are often overwhelming. THC helps with anxiety because it helps someone unwind even if they are physically or mentally unable to otherwise. THC will loosen a person up, and for that reason, anxious people like to puff on some from time to time to help with those cycles of anxiety that might hit out of nowhere.

How does CBD help with anxiety?

CBD is another popular option to treat anxiety, especially for those unable to consume THC but need to find some relief. Since CBD lacks the psychoactive effect, it might take a little longer than THC to take effect. Still, overall the same calming and relaxing feelings will happen anywhere between 15-45 minutes after consumption. With CBD, it is best to consistently take it so that your body gets used to its compounds. Microdosing CBD is a widely known practice and is so successful because it has helped many find their sweet spot to how much CBD works for them based on their reasoning for taking it.

When you should take THC for anxiety

While dosing can involve how much you weigh, how potent the product is, and more, there is no specific guide to saying how much one should take, especially when treating such a personal symptom like anxiety. It is always best to start in small doses and increase your tolerance from there. It is easy to smoke THC and go from feeling nice and chill to feeling ridden with the shakes and paranoid thoughts that your anxiety is a front seat driver to.

When you should take CBD for anxiety

Dosing CBD is pretty easy, and when treating anxiety, you can’t really go wrong with any CBD consumption. CBD is also an incredible tool to combat THC whenever you feel those psychoactive effects a little too much. When taking CBD for anxiety, you can start in the morning and dose yourself until you sleep if you need to, but please monitor your behavior and understand what a little less or more CBD could do to your mood.

Should I take THC or CBD for anxiety?

If you can take both, it is suggested that a healthy 1:1 THC and CBD product is the best way to go for its doubled effects in calm and relaxation. When someone has anxiety, it could come on at any moment, but having THC or CBD in your system can help someone feel more present at the moment without those anxious thoughts. While THC is a lot more fast-acting than CBD, there are benefits to both and should be seriously looked into if you are looking to treat your anxiety with THC or CBD. THC vs. CBD for anxiety is much safer than chemicals that do not need to be consumed unnecessarily compared to over-the-counter or pharmaceutical medications.

As with anything, THC and CBD should be taken in moderation, along with consulting with a medical professional for any dosing advice. Make sure you don’t buy just any THC or CBD products either; you’ll want to visit your local dispensary for some top-shelf Mary Jane and grab the best CBD oil made of the best and most natural ingredients. THC and CBD are a blessing for those with anxiety, chronic pain, migraines, and more. From minor joint pain to extensive PTSD, THC vs. CBD for anxiety is just one way to utilize THC and CBD to live a better and happier lifestyle.

THC vs. CBD for Anxiety

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