Techniques for Smarter Digital Marketing

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Digital marketing is a way for businesses to reach new customers they otherwise wouldn’t be able to. More than that, it enables businesses to turn customers from just people who look at the site casually, into successful conversions and ultimately higher revenues. Furthermore, using digital marketing purposefully and in a smart manner means creating a targeted strategy that uses multiple facets to reach consumers.

Deals to Grow Your Digital Marketing Efforts

For instance, a solid digital marketing strategy would use a combination of social media, paid advertising through search engines, and an optimized web presence. Digital marketing is all about getting the right information to the right person. Using specialized techniques, you can drastically change how your firm performs on the web. Some such techniques include transforming a social media presence, being mobile through an app and a website, crowdsourcing with your consumer base, creating a video, and implementing artificial intelligence.

Use Social Media

First, you should create social media accounts for your firm. By creating and actively using Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts, you are inherently able to reach people who already use your product or service, and, more importantly, people who don’t. The free exposure you get through social media is invaluable.

Also, a smart social media presence includes cultivating a company brand. This is a recent trend for companies on social media platforms. Duolingo is a great example; they have created a personality for their company’s mascot owl revolving around their language practice offerings. Making jokes or being personable on social media makes your firm seem more human, allowing higher attraction and retention of consumers.

You can also use social media to up your firm on customer service and customer satisfaction. For instance, customers often Tweet problems they’ve had with your firm — from shipped orders that didn’t arrive on time or a bad meal if your firm is a restaurant. To negate this situation, engage with them, respond promptly, and make sure that all problems are resolved with the promise of a future opportunity to make up the bad experience (like offering a gift card). These strategies can transform customers who originally went to social media to air a grievance into consumers satisfied with your firm’s desire to right wrongs and make sure needs are being met.  By using this as a social media strategy, you are turning what could be a PR nightmare into a way for your firm to publicly demonstrate a commitment to high-quality customer service. This works the other way as well — make sure to thank customers who Tweet positive experiences for their business and dedication to your firm.

Be Mobile

Next, you should also make sure to optimize your mobile presence. When 77% of Americans use smartphones, having a mobile presence through a website and even a mobile application is vital.

First, you need to make sure that your firm’s website transfers well to smartphones. This primarily revolves around making sure the graphics and information are sized correctly during the transfer. Also, the amount of information might need to be decreased from the website to mobile sites so it doesn’t appear cluttered on the small screen.

Finally, your firm should consider developing a mobile app. Mobile apps are yet another way for your consumer to engage with your firm and your product or service offerings. You can offer a discount for customers for downloading and making an account on the app or for referring friends.

Use Video

Social media platforms are investing more in video content, and your firm should be too. Video ads, in particular, are the primary way customers find out about a brand or product before making a project. Both short (such as bite-sized) and longer content are desired by customers. For instance, Instagram is investing more in its IGTV offering, so jumping into this arena for your firm means you can beat the competition in your industry.

Determine a certain target audience, a segment of your consumer base, and create videos that are tailored to them. Then, optimize the video based on their wants and needs. You will also want to make sure to include a call to action to encourage viewers to your site. Video content that is tailored to an audience, includes enough information about a product or service offering and includes a subtle call to action that will add to any digital marketing strategy.

Using a combination of smarter social media, mobile strategy, and video content is a definite way to turn views into conversions in 2019. With the average user becoming more acclimated to smartphones over traditional computers, it is important firms align their business to their target’s needs.

Techniques for Smarter Digital Marketing

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