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With the global pandemic in the last number of months having a massive impact on how people interact, people have never been a more important time to use technology to enhance their communication. In older adults, isolation and loneliness can be quite common and even more so as we’ve been witness to widespread lockdowns around the globe in the fight against Covid-19. Of course, this hits the older demographic hard as they can sometimes live alone, and being without human interaction is difficult to accept. Loneliness and depression can go hand in hand, so we have seen a rise in people in all age categories charting their mental health challenges.

Technology has advanced leaps and bounds in recent years and nowhere more so in communication. Today, one can interact “face-to-face” with someone on the other side of the world via their smartphone or tablet. Similarly, technology is also available to allow older adults to live independently and securely with devices reminding them of their medication and provide them with security detail such as camera connections and burglar alarm personal devices. These advances have been vital in prolonging older adults’ ability to live independently in their own homes for longer.

The guys at Be Independent Home Care have put together this infographic below that examines the whole topic of technology and older adults and how it impacts the overall. The infographic breaks down the subject by starting with some interesting statistics related to technology use and older adults; it also includes an interesting segment on the possible barriers to effective adoption of technology by older adults; the graphic also details some usable technology that currently exists, and finally, it highlights some interesting expert quotes. Check out the full infographic below.

Tech’ & Older Adults – Infographic

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