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Taxi Booking App Development

Taxi Booking App Development: All You Need to Know

Taxi booking apps have become an invaluable part of everyone. Want to visit a city for a whole day? Book a taxi. Looking to commute daily hassle-free without having to wait and trouble to park? Let’s call a cab. It’s like taxi bookings apps are like our lunch and dinner. We need to commute to our office with a taxi app and get back with the same.  

Now that we have established that such applications are in high demand, they are also useful in day-to-day life. So, this is the right time for a taxi booking app development, and for that, you need to know and understand all about it. Let’s get started.

Factors to Consider While Developing A Cab Booking Application

1) Competitor Analysis

Since there are local taxis and other taxi booking applications, it is imperative to conduct a competitor analysis. Look at the features of other applications, number and types of vehicles they have, driver’s qualifications, fares they charge, and every other thing. This will help create a perfect solution. 

2) Local Fares

Deciding the fares needs some study of the local fares around the area. It would be best to keep the fares according to the market rates. Hence conduct in-depth research and keep the fares accordingly. 

3) Unique Selling Point

There are already plenty of mobile applications in the taxi booking domain. This is why it is very important to find a unique selling point making your application different from others. If you don’t add anything extra, your app won’t succeed in the market. 

4) Right Cars

The entire idea of developing a taxi booking app has cars to travel whenever they want and wherever they want. So, it is essential to pick plenty of cars and the right type of cars for a comfortable commute. 

5) GPS and Maps

One of the critical features needed for a mobile application of this category is the integration of GPS and maps. The app will need to fetch the location of the drivers and passengers as well and show it to both parties.

Features For Passengers Taxi Booking App

1) Search the Cab

Users can search for the cabs nearby. They can feed their location and see which cab is willing to drop you at the location. 

2) Get Estimated Rate

Once the user feeds their current location and their destination location and gets an estimate of the fare, different rides have different fares, and all of them can be known from the app by feeding the location details. 

3) Book a Taxi

Once you feed the location and are fine with the fare, you can book the cab and wait for it to arrive and pick you up. The app also shows the estimated time the taxi will reach you.

4) Get Notifications

The app sends notifications about the driver’s contact information, the time of arrival, discount and offers, and every such thing. This way, the user stays updated with everything at every time.   

5) Chat With Driver

Once the user books the taxi, the driver gets the contact details of the users. The driver can chat with the users, know that they have arrived at the location for pickup, or ask for the location more specifically to find it easy to reach. 

6) Rate and Review Drivers

We developed an application using software development metrics to improve the productivity of the application. The passengers can give a rating to the drivers via this developed software and post a review about the ride and the driver. 

7) Make Online Payment

The passenger app of the solution allows users to make payments in any way they like. For example, they can pay in cash or pay through a debit or credit card, and the payment will be in the wallet of the mobile app.

Features For Drivers App

1) Feed Information

The driver needs to add their name, their contact details, and their driving license as well. This will create a profile for the driver.  

2) Drivers Dashboard

The driver can access everything from the dashboard. They can either accept or reject the ride. They can also go offline when they are not looking for ride invitations.

3) Receiving Passengers Location

Once the passenger books the taxi, they receive their location information to follow. This helps them reach the passengers easily to pick them up. 

4) Receiving Payment

The driver can receive the payment in multiple ways. For example, they can get cash or online into the app wallet through credit or debit cards. 

5) Chat With Passenger

Once the user books the taxi, the driver gets the contact details of the users. The driver can chat with the users, know that they have arrived at the location for pickup, or ask for the location more specifically to find it easy to reach. 

Wrapping Up   

You know the features the important factors, and now all you need to do is search for a mobile app development company, explain your idea, and get started on the mobile app development at the earliest.   

Taxi Booking App Development