Taxi App Development Costs and Features
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Taxi App Development Costs and Features

The Taxi Industry Today: Taxi App Development Costs and Features

A majority of us are still amazed at how much technology has achieved in the past few years. Smartphones are now the devices that operate the world as a remote control. A few taps and our demands and wants are met instantly. It has reached a point where we don’t even need to step out of our homes!

The taxi industry is one such segment that has benefitted greatly from the advancing technology. We are familiar with people roaming the streets shouting out to taxis and waving their hands in the air. There was also the option of calling to make bookings. This conventional process of hiring taxis has changed beyond recognition. 

New-age taxi services can be availed through mobile applications. It is accurate and efficient. All the user needs to do is enter the pick-up and drop location. After that, the drivers in the area are notified. The available drivers accept the request and carry on with providing the service. 

The taxi industry has seen immense growth over the past five years. In 2015, the overall worth of the industry was a little over $1 billion. In the year 2019, it touched the $3 billion mark. It is estimated to be worth around $6.5 billion by 2024 with the rate it is increasing currently. 

How Much Does Taxi App Development Cost?

The evident rise in the usage of taxi-booking applications has led to numerous taxi app developers providing cost-effective solutions for entrepreneurs. But on the whole, how much does it generally cost to build a robust taxi app? Let’s find out!

Firstly, remember that costs can vary tremendously based on numerous reasons like:

  • Development costs of that particular locality. It can vary from country to country drastically depending on the resources available and the skills. In America and the U.K., the hourly rate ranges from $60 to $200 and more. Other European development companies charge around $30 to $120 per hour and India around $10 to 80 per hour.
  • Another factor that influences the cost of taxi app development services is the development company. The more experienced companies tend to charge a higher rate and their services also promise a higher quality. Make sure you spend wisely but remember that the initial investment in building an application is worth it. 
  • Not all apps are the same. Some have five features and some have twenty! Also, the complexity of the features integrated differ. A taxi app could have basic features such as an in-built navigation system and cashless payment. And there are others that have more advanced features like Subscription plan, Book for a friend, and more. So depending on all these, the entrepreneur is charged for app development services. 

Must-have Features in a Taxi App

A taxi app is all about the features! Of course, how efficiently the service providers work plays a huge role in the business. But initially, innovative features do catch the attention of the target audience. Here are some of the features you must integrate into your app-based business:

  • Easy registration with contact details or social media accounts can help ease the initial process and therefore attract more users. Creating a user profile also helps the service provider send personalized messages and updates to the user.
  • An accurate and efficient navigation system that helps users easily locate and alert drivers in their area. Location-based services are important to ensure that seamless services are offered. Also, the driver should be able to navigate easily with in-built maps and traffic data.
  • A secure payment system that allows users to pay with cash or through cashless methods (cards, digital wallets, net banking). Not everyone is comfortable with online payments and there are others who prefer to make instant online transactions. Therefore, making the app more inclusive will bring in more users to the app.
  • The review system helps receive feedback and make changes to better the services that are provided. It applies to the services on the whole and also that which the drivers offer.  

These are the basic features that any taxi app cannot do without. So, if you are building your own business, make sure to not miss out on any of these required factors. Find the best taxi app development company to provide you with quality services that will ensure long-lasting results for your taxi business.

Taxi App Development Costs and Features

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