Sweating the details and missing the big picture

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Sweating the details and missing the big picture

It was a typical Monday morning. And, like most days, I was running late. I get up early enough, but the next hour or so depends on the stars aligning and getting my 4-year-old from Point A to Point B. So let’s say I’d have better luck aligning the stars.

Despite my best parenting intents, I often cave and flip on the Disney Channel, so I have 20-30 minutes to get my act together. Of course, that means some drama trying to move from the TV to brushing her teeth or getting dressed. But, sometimes, you have to pick your battles.

Things were pretty much on schedule – the lunch was packed, an outfit was picked out and put on with minimal changes along the way, and the dogs were walked and fed. Teeth were brushed, hair was combed, and breakfast was thrown in there somewhere. Coat, check. Gloves, check. Hat, check. Backpack, check. We were good to go. I may not be Donna Reed, but I do my best.

As I ushered her out the door, my daughter looked up at me  and giggled, “You forgot my shoes.” I looked down, and sure enough, no shoes.

Sweating the details and missing the big picture

Often, we get so caught up in the moment; we lose sight of the big picture in business. The clients wanted something yesterday, and the staff is grumbling about being overworked; you can’t remember the last time you had time to breathe, let alone plan and strategize. As a result, most businesses work in reactive mode – putting out fires and responding to the loudest demands. A perpetual game of catch-up that you can never win, and that inevitably results in lost opportunities.

That’s where we come in. We help you step back, take a look at the big picture, and make decisions that move you toward the goals you had when you set out on this business quest. Sometimes, it takes an objective third party to help you see the obvious – “You forgot my shoes.” or whatever your business’ equivalent of that would be.

Often it’s the small actions you take that can set your company apart from the competition. We help you think beyond dollars and cents to what you can offer your customers: Why would someone want to buy from you? What is your key differentiation in the competitive landscape? Do you have a defensible position? What can you learn from your competitors?

And the dollars and cents? Well, they matter too. So we offer strategies for raising capital and ensuring your hard work shows up on the bottom line.

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