Sustainable Packaging Benefits – Infographic

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With so much focus on the topic of climate change and related environmental concerns, it’s difficult not to be monumentally aware of how our daily behaviors can impact the world around us. Simple things like disposable coffee cups, when discarded, end up in landfills; discarded face masks line the streets, and plastic casing surrounding beer cans find their way into marine life habitat – it’s all around us. Furthermore, as more and more people continue to move online for their purchases, the packaging of products has become a major player in waste. Fragile items like glassware, ceramics, and anything similar have to be packaged immensely well to withstand the logistics journey’s stresses and strains to the end customer.

As a result, consumers are being met with larger amounts of packaging to grapple with as part of their waste management. Bubble-wrap packaging surrounding fragile items that can’t be recycled, excess amounts of plastic as part of the parcel… the list goes on when you receive an item from an online delivery in today’s world. The logistics world is so busy following even higher adoption of online purchases due to Covid-19 offline retail closures that packages are under even more pressure while in transit as logistics operators don’t have time to be more careful with the items.

Consumers today are also demanding more from companies in terms of the quality and source of their packaging. Consumers want to know that companies are delivering in packages that can be easily recycled. They don’t want the complexity of mixed materials, e.g., plastic that can’t be recycled mixed in with cardboard that can be recycled. It’s all about convenience for the consumer while they also strive to be more environmentally aware. This presents new areas of focus for companies – this is an easier matter for large corporations. Still, with the proliferation of smaller online sellers, it can be difficult for them to prioritize their packaging’s source and recyclability. The concern is that as we move forward in a more climate-conscious world, consumers will demand more sustainable packaging solutions, even from smaller brands.

The guys at Bracken Foam Fabricators have put together this graphic below that outlines everything you need to know about sustainable packaging and how it would sit in a modern logistics setting. The graphic covers the topic of sustainable packaging trends; it examines some interesting case studies in sustainable packaging, benefits of this type of packaging, plus lots more! Check out all the details below.


Sustainable Packaging Benefits – Infographic

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